Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brazilian Blowout Series (weeks 2 & 3)

Hello!  Welcome to the Brazilian Blowout series.  This is week 2 and 3 combined and I will tell you why.  For week 2, I was on vacation so after I shampooed my hair I simply wrapped it while it was still wet.  I used Silk Hydration by L. Jones extreme shampoo and conditioner, then I left a little of the conditioner in, and wrapped.  After that, I put my scarf on and let it air dry overnight.  The next morning I put my wig cap on and placed my vacation hair wig on.  I wore my wig the entire week so my hair stayed wrapped underneath.  It was the best because not only was my hair clean (a health scalp is a clean scalp), but I did not have to put any heat on it or manipulate it which is nothing but good.

week 2 wig
For week 3, I shampooed again with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products so I was able to wear my real hair.  I kind of missed it even though not being concerned with it while on vacation was a pure slice of heaven.  This week when I came back it had been raining and was humid so I decided to of course wear it straight.  It was still very easy to style, despite me being five months post relaxer.  The blowout is definitely getting me over the hump and making it much easier for me to stretch.  Check out the video for week 3.


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  1. Do you flat iron on top of Brazilian blowout or is this at the end of the blowout period? When I have bBO I don't flat iron. It is very flat and shiny as it is. I do like you. Prolong the stretch with bBO after about 10 weeks.

    I think bBO is the best vacation hair as you can swim withit and it can air dry and still looks great!


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