Sunday, November 2, 2014

How To Choose The Perfect Vacation Hair

If you have been wondering where I have been for the past week or so, I took a much needed vacation.  While on vacation, I did not do or even think about anything pertaining to hair or work.  I got lots of rest, and that includes not doing my hair for the entire time!  I must say, it was a slice of pure heaven.  While I was laying out and being lazy, I did think that when women go on vacation, they should not have to worry about doing their hair nor should they have to worry about keeping it cute while staying away from water while everyone else has the time of their life.  Here is how I chose the perfect vacation hair.

Lauryn- the perfect vacation hair

Meet Lauryn.  She is the latest wig that I made specifically for this trip.  She was made from L. Jones Hair Collection using three bundles of Malaysian curly hair (14, 16, & 18inches) as well as a silk base closure.  I chose curly hair because you can straighten it out bone straight and once it gets wet it will give you beautiful curls that do not even have to be styled.

Lauryn straightened out
 Since the curly hair has more texture than silky
straight hair, once it is straightened it also matches relaxed texture hair more.  This may look more realistic if your hair is actually relaxed and for people that do not know you personally will have a hard time determining if that is your real hair or not.  Remember, your wigs should not look "wiggy" but instead look very realistic.  This is one of the many benefits of not only having it custom made, but also using high quality hair.

Here is a closer pic of Lauryn.  If you look at the part, you can see that with the silk base closure, once it is parted it looks like an actual scalp.

2 looks, same hair- that what makes this the perfect vacation hair!
 This is what happened to Lauryn once I got her wet.  You can say she is natural because even after she was straightened once I got in humid climates, she started to puff up on me.  So instead of looking like a chia pet, I just got her soaking wet and she returned back to her naturally curly state giving me these beautiful curls.  And best of all, these pictures where taken without putting any product on the hair.  Nothing but water!  Afterwards she simply was air dried and she still came out looking like this.

Lauryn is hands down my absolute favorite vacation hair.  She is perfect for trips where you know you will want to enjoy the water and at the same time if you want to straighten her out you can.  Zero maintenance because while sleeping you can simply take her off.  No wrapping, rolling, or tying the hair down.  How much more perfect can that get?  My hair underneath was wrapped the entire time so not only did I not have to comb Lauryn, but I also did not have to comb my real hair either.  So, the next time you go on a trip you know what kind of hair to get!

For those of you wondering, I went to Jamaica.  Here are a few pics of the trip:
beach life

lobster, scallops, & shrimp

our butler!



sunsets are beautiful here

my favorite drink (Bob Marley)

I cant get enough of these sunsets

this what I woke up to daily!

they have the most beautiful flowers!



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