Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Number 1 Rule For Having Healthy Relaxed Hair

As a relaxed hair blogger, I am always getting asked how is it possible to have healthy relaxed hair. The truth is that your hair can absolutely be healthy, especially with the proper guidance and care. You can do many things on your own at home to maintain your hair, although you will also need a professional stylist in your corner as well. Your stylist will do things for you that only professionals should do, like your relaxer touch ups and your trims. Your job at home will be to maintain that.

This brings me to my number one rule for having relaxed hair. Never do your own relaxers. I repeat, never do your own relaxers. Let a professional hairstylist do them only! And remember that not all professional hairstylists are not created equal so be sure you are going to a hairstylist that focuses on hair care. Many hairstylists will allow you to have a consultation first before having the actual service so be sure to ask a lot of questions pertaining to relaxers before proceeding with the service.

Many of the new clients that come to me have been watching my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages for a long time so they know what to expect when the actually book an appointment with me. When finding a hairstylist of your own, doing your research is very important and can often save you from having a hair nightmare.

Allowing your hairstylist to do your touch ups will save you from having hair that ends up over processed and damaged. If you are still doing your own touchups, I highly encourage you to hand that task over to your stylist and you'll see your hair do amazing things.

If you feel like you have done everything imaginable for your relaxed hair and still are not seeing the results that you want, check out my Relaxed Hair Bootcamp. In this online tutorial, I go over (in extensive detail) what it takes to have healthy relaxed hair step by step. Once you are done with this course you will be well on your way to being your own hair goals.

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