Monday, February 3, 2020

How To Get Your Relaxed Hair Healthy At ANY Length

I have been a relaxed hair blogger and professional hairstylist for many years and one thing all of my clients ask me is if their hair is healthy. I love getting asked this question because that simply tells me that many people are genuinely concerned about the health of their hair! However, I don't want you to use the length of your hair as a guide for how healthy it is. Many women do this without even realizing it. If they don't think that their hair is long enough, then they equate that to damage. Well, that is definitely not the case. I have seen many women with extremely long hair that was as damaged as it could possibly be. And on the other hand, I've seen women with much shorter hair and it couldn't get any healthier if they tried.

The fact is that that your hair can be healthy at ANY length. As a hair care specialist, this is what I am always talking to my clients about. Don't focus on the length, focus on the health. Once you do that, your hair will not only grow like crazy, but it will be healthy at whatever length you choose for it to be.

A lot of women do things like avoid trimming in order for their hair to be as long as possible. However, when you never get trims, the ends continue to split up the hair shaft. So when you finally do decide to get a "trim" you end up having to get a major cut because you let the split ends get so out of control. Split ends is a form of damage. Any time you have hair damage, your hair is not healthy. When hair health is not your top priority, you will always struggle with retaining length.

I recently cut my hair. I wanted to do something different with it, but I also want to show women that your hair can grow and be healthy whether you have a pixie cut, tail bone length hair, or any length in between. Once you start focusing on doing things with your hair based on it's healthy and you realize that is the key to growing it much longer, you will never be afraid to cut your hair again! Why?Because you'll know how to grow it right back! Follow me on my journey and I'll show you how I grow my hair right back!

Check out my video below.


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