Thursday, February 20, 2020

The no1 Easiest Thing You Can Do To Grow Your Relaxed Hair Fast!

Have you seen many relaxed hair bloggers with extremely long hair and want to know how to get yours that way also? As a relaxed hair blogger, hair care specialist, and professional hairstylist, I wanted to help you with growing your relaxed hair fast. My very first tip is one that is very obvious. In fact, it is so obvious that you probably don't even realize that it is the most important thing that you can do.

The number one, easiest thing you can do to grow not only your relaxed hair, but your natural hair fast as well is to put healthy hair care FIRST. Don't worry about doing all of these challenges that you see many people doing, like the castor oil challenge, rice water challenge, hold your head under water challenge, all in an effort to grow their hair faster. Take it from me, the professional stylist that does this each and every day for a living, none of that stuff actually will grow your hair two inches in two weeks. What will cause your hair to grow like a weed is focusing on healthy hair care, PERIOD!

Once you focus on the actual healthy of your hair, it will have no choice but to grow! Trust me on this! This one simple thing will have your hair down your back in no time. Let's let this settle right here for now. I know it sounds so obvious but you would be so surprised at how many people neglect doing this and just want to know a quick and easy way to make their hair five inches longer by next week. IT.WON'T.HAPPEN. You have to put in the work. Then you'll see the results.

A couple of things you can do to focus on healthy hair care include trimming consistently on a regular basis, shampooing consistently, deep conditioning at least twice a month, and simply leaving your hair alone! This means, once you style your hair, refrain from putting your hands in it. Just leave it alone and let it do its thing!

I have plenty of courses that help you to get healthier relaxed hair including:

  • Healthy Relaxed Hair Bootcamp - This is an extensive course on relaxed hair and was designed to help you much better care of your relaxed hair on your own.
  • The Ultimate DIY Silk Press Masterclass - Need help managing your new growth when you try to stretch your relaxer out? This course will show you how to get your hair bone straight even while you are deep into your stretch without relaxing it.
  • Shampooing & Conditioning 101- If you need help learning not only how to shampoo and condition your hair but how to choose the best type of products to give you the results that you want every time you shampoo your hair, then this course is definitely for you.
  • How To Moisturize & Seal- Doing this helps you preserve your ends and maintain your length, giving you longer hair
  • and  many more!
Check out the video below:


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