Tuesday, August 13, 2019

3 Simple & Easy Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days

Even as a professional hairstylist, I still sometimes have bad hair days. However, I feel like it is absolutely unacceptable for me to come into my salon with bad hair and expecting women to trust me to make their hair look good. Therefore, I have a few "bad hair day" styles in my reserve for when I need them. There are three simple and easy hairstyles that I have for bad hair days that anyone can do. For each hairstyle that I will list below, I will give two variations to show how you can switch it up.

1. The Bun- The bun is an oldie but goodie. Anytime I have a bad hair day, it is the first style that I think of. It is so simple and easy to do and it can be done in a fraction of time. Also, they can be worn all over the head to give you some variety. Buns can also be worn with your own hair or you can use the help of some inexpensive hair pieces. The bun I use is actually a drawstring ponytail that I made using hair from L. Jones Hair Collection. It is two bundles and once I put the ponytail on, I simply wrapped it around like a bun and pinned it down. Simple!

2. The Ponytail- Ponytails will never go out of style and can look very cute. They do not have to look bad! Adding a little hair can go a long way. This is the same ponytail that I made on a drawstring and put up in a bun. The pic below shows how the ponytail looks without being pinned up. Again, this is two bundles of hair (16 & 18 inch) from L. Jones Hair Collection. I liked this ponytail so much that I am even thinking about making another one with wavy hair!

3. The Wig- I think everyone needs at least one good wig as a backup. I used be totally against wigs, but once I started making my own and seeing that they don't all look wiggy I am a huge fan. I now have so many wigs in my linen closet that I do not have enough room for my towels! You don't have to wear them everyday, you can just pull it out when you really need it. Remember, your wig should be optional, not required. This is one of my wig creations that I made using the hair from L. Jones Hair Collection.

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