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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Heat Damage To Your Hair

3 ways to avoid heat damage to your hair
Many women, myself included, like to put heat in their hair.  Some women, however get a bit carried away and flat iron their hair way too much. Bumping one piece of hair here or there turns into putting heat in the hair everyday!  This is where the heat damage comes in.  I always say that heat can be your friend.  It is excessive heat that is your enemy.

healthy hair that has been flat ironed only once
Flat ironing or curling the hair should be done once per week or less only.  So basically you should only be adding heat when
you shampoo your hair, unless you shampoo multiple times per week. It that is the case, choose a no heat method if you have used heat for the week.  Either that, or do not put heat in your hair at all and instead opt for wet setting the hair.  Setting the hair gives it a break from the heat while still allowing you to have a nice style.

Wrap your hair during the rest of the week
I am the prime example of someone who puts heat in the hair just about every time I shampoo it, which is approximately every 7-10 days. Sometimes I will do a no-heat style when I want to give my hair a break. However, I am very careful to protect my hair and take care of it in between shampoos. Here are three ways you can avoid heat damage to your hair.

  1. Only applying heat once per week or less: I know I have already said this many times but it is very important!  Too much heat is not good for your hair and will always cause breakage and excessive shedding. You may not notice it right away, but the damage is being done.
  2. Using the correct temperature:  This is another important factor in preventing heat damage.  Even is you only use heat once per week, if you use heat that is too high will still result in heat damage and could even lead to breakage.
  3. Only go through the hair with one pass with the flat iron. Your flat iron should be at a temperature where you can go through the hair with one pass effectively. Going over the same piece of hair multiple times is the just as bad as flat ironing the hair every day. I recommend using the Toi flat iron
  4. (BONUS 1) Use heat protectant: Instead of an actual heat protectant, I use the by L. Jones Leave-In conditioner for extra protection. 
  5. (BONUS 2) Wrap your hair nightly: If you wrap your hair every night you edges and roots will lay down flatter which will prevent you from having to add extra heat in your hair.
healthy hair with no heat damage

Check out the video on ToyaJTV on this topic:

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3 easy ways to avoid heat damage to your hair


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