Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Get Relaxers?

Is it safe for pregnant women to get relaxers        
I've heard this question before, and even asked it myself when I was pregnant. Is it safe to get relaxers while you are pregnant?  Are they truly safe for the unborn baby?  Well while there is no evidence that they are harmful to the unborn fetus, there is also no evidence that they are completely safe either.  Here is my take on it.  Relaxers do contain chemicals that can release toxic fumes that can be potentially harmful to the baby if inhaled.  Most researchers have found that the amount of fumes that the mother breathes in is not enough to effect the baby.  I will admit, I got relaxers when I was pregnant (one to be exact) and my child came out perfectly fine. Keep in mind that I normally go six months in between my relaxers, not the average 6 weeks like most women, so I only got one touch up while preggo.  Every woman is different, one might have a stronger reaction to certain fumes and one might not be affected at all.  If you are concerned about if it will affect your baby, the safest thing to do would be to ditch the relaxers until after the baby.  Some women's hormone levels are so high that the relaxer is not very effective on their hair anyway. Instead try styles like braids, sew-ins, or wigs until your little one arrives.

No study has shown that relaxers are harmful to pregnant women

If you just can't live without your relaxers, make sure you take precautionary steps when receiving them.  First, I would highly encourage you to lengthen the time in between your relaxers.  Space them out so that you don't have to get them as often.  You should do this whether you are pregnant or not, but especially pregnant women due to the fact that you aren't exposed to the chemical as often, decreasing any potential for harm.  Next, make sure you are receiving your relaxer in a well ventilated area.  Avoid tightly enclosed areas where the chance of you inhaling any fumes is greater.  Lastly, make sure your stylist (please don't try to do a relaxer on yourself!) does not get any relaxer on your scalp.  This should be the case whether you are with child or not, but while pregnant, if relaxer is placed on the scalp it can cause chemical burn which exposes the chemicals to your bloodstream, which could potentially harm the baby.

Yes, I got a relaxer while pregnant

To sum all of this up, if your are extremely worried about if relaxing your hair will harm your baby, don't do it!  Better safe than sorry..  However, if you do choose to get them, only let your trusted PROFESSIONAL stylist perform this service for you.

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is it safe for pregnant women to get relaxers


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