Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Easiest Way To Wrap Your Hair While It Is Wet

The wrap is my go-to hairstyle, especially at night when I am trying to maintain my hair while simultaneously being able to sleep comfortably. Most of the time, I am wrapping my hair after I have flat ironed or curled it. Sometimes I tend to forget that I can wet wrap my hair as well. Really, I don't tend to forget, but I very much dislike sitting under the dryer so wet wrapping my hair is always the very last style I think of when doing my hair. I tend to want to do the style that takes the least amount of time. For the past few weeks though I have been wet wrapping my hair as a protective style while I wear my wigs.

The following steps are what I used to wet wrap my hair:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair well (preferably with Silk Hydration products).
  2. Detangle hair and comb straight down.
  3. Part hair in four sections.
  4. Comb all of the hair in front, forward
  5. Apply foam wrap to first section.
  6. Start combing section of hair to the side making sure it lays very flat.
  7. Once section one is combed down connect it to section two. By this point all of the hair in the front should be combed over to resemble a comb over.
  8. Combine the front section to the back section of hair, being sure that the hair is laying smooth.
  9. Sit under dryer and let hair dry!
**Tip- Since I knew I would not be wearing the actual wrap, I did not allow my hair to dry completely. I sat under the dryer for TWO HOURS and it was still not fully dry! That is one of the disadvantages of having thick hair. It was about 85% dry and the rest dried overnight. After that, I simply put my wrap cap on and put my wig on. After that I was out of the door!

Be sure to check out the video here:


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