Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The #1 Secret Why You Are In The Hair Salon All Day & Why Your Hairstylist Will Never Tell You

How many of us have gone to the salon for a morning hair appointment and not left until the sun went down? Or thought we had a nine a.m. hair appointment, got there, and realized that seven other people had nine a.m. appointments also. Here's an even better one. How many times have we gotten to our appointment on time, and the stylist doesn't get there until 2 hours later??  We've all been in at least one of these scenarios, myself included!  I started going to the salon at a pretty young age so I grew up thinking this was normal. I would get to the salon at eleven a.m. and wait for my stylist to get started on me. It wasn't until about one p.m. that I would get shampooed and "deep conditioned" in which the conditioner would sit on my hair for approximately another hour. Once that would get rinsed out I would then get put back under the dryer for at least 2 1/2 hours, wait to be styled for another hour, and leave sometime after eight or nine p.m. I would be in the salon literally all day to simply get a roller set or wrap!  When I look back on this now it makes me cringe.  When I first got my license and started working in a salon, I kept this same mentality and thought that's just how it was done. I booked clients every 30 minutes (because that makes perfect sense right?) and had the nerve to wonder why I always ended up so behind! Well, my first client was always late, so by the time she got there, my second client was showing up. By the time I got client number one under the dryer, clients three and four were also arriving before I could even get started on client number two. It was a nightmare! I was blessed to start working with people who taught me how to properly schedule my appointments and be more respectful of the clients' time. I would see them get their clients in and out and they did not have clients just sitting around all day. This is a lesson that I appreciate greatly and still follow today, which allows my clients to be seen at their scheduled appointment time and to get them in and out within one to two hours (depending on the service received).  And all my new clients are so amazed at the fact that they don't have to be stuck in a salon all day, no matter what day it is, or what holiday is coming up.

I've heard my fair share of horror stories about other stylists overbooking, and although I don't agree with it, I somewhat understand why it is done.  Just like there are stylists out there that don't respect their clients' time, you also have clients that don't respect the stylist's time either. They will make a seven a.m. appointment and pull a no call/no show, or will cancel five minutes before their appointment time, which in my book is the same as a no call/no show because who can you get to fill that slot in such short notice?? So some stylists feel like they need to overbook because the chances of two or three clients not showing up are slimmer than just one not showing up.  We don't have a traditional nine to five job.  We are self-employed entrepreneurs who don't receive sick time, holiday pay, 401k, time and a half, health benefits, etc. Our time literally is money, so when clients don't show up, call in at the last minute, or come fifteen minutes or more late, that cuts into our pockets because we could have given someone else your appointment! Think about it like this; You have two job offers and accept the one you think is best, and turn the other one down. You are on your way to work and five minutes before you pull up you get a call saying they changed their mind and that they don't need you which means you will not be getting paid. You call the other job to see if the position is still available only to find out that they have given your position to someone else. You would be very angry simply because you could have taken the other job and now you have neither. I personally don't overbook, I have been blessed with clients that know this and they respect my time just as I respect theirs. They inform me in plenty of time of cancellations because they know that someone else might want that spot.  And in the rare case that I do get a no call/no show, I have a fee that gets applied to the next appointment.  This guarantees that it won't happen again. I've never had a client that I've had to charge the fee to more than once! With that being said, now you can see why stylists feel they need to overbook but if your stylist doesn't respect your time, you should find one that does..

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