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The Only Technique Proven To Fix Split Ends Instantly

The only technique proven to fix split ends instantly

None of us like to deal with our split ends but the truth is that we all have to at some point or another.  Today I am going to share with you the the only technique proven to fix split ends instantly.  Aren't you excited about that?  Well, let's jump right in..

The only technique proven to fix split ends instantly

I am not going to sugar coat anything.  In fact, some of you are not going to like what you are about to read.  The truth of the matter is that the only technique proven to fix split ends instantly is a pair of shears!  Shears are scissors! Which means that in order to fix your split ends instantly you must  Period.  There is no product on the market that will "fix" your split ends.  Products claiming to do this only mask the issue and make your ends appear to not be split but as soon as you shampoo your hair and that product is washed off your split ends will reappear.  It is like putting a band-aid on something instead of addressing the issue.  Yes your split ends make your hair appear longer but they also make they hair look thinner on the ends and frizzy.  The focus should be on having healthy AND  long hair, not just long hair.  In my natural clients, when I do a silk press I can tell when the client needs a trim because on the ends of the hair it is very tangled.  It is like I can comb through the hair just fine from the root but once I get to the ends I have a hard time detangling it.  Once the ends are trimmed, the comb goes all the way through with ease.  With straight hair it is very easy to see if the ends need to be trimmed but with curly hair the split ends can become camouflaged and blend
right in.

Hair that has been freshly trimmed

I recommend getting a trim every three months.  When you get them on a regular basis, you do not have to get a lot cut at each trim appointment.  When you skip getting trims, you have to get more cut because the hair continues to split up the hair shaft.  Does getting trims make your hair grow?  No because your hair does not grow from the ends, it grows from the scalp.  Trims do however, make your hair look healthier because your hair looks thick from root to tip.  I understand that some hairstylists are scissor happy which has scarred some of you making you never want to get another trim in your life.  But you have to get a hairstylist that you trust.  When I do trims on my clients I turn them to the mirror, show them how much needs to be trimmed, and go from there.  Some of my clients tell me to just cut however much needs to be cut while others really appreciate the fact that they know there will be no surprises.  If you are concerned about too much of your hair being cut when you go to get a trim, you can ask your hairstylist to do the same thing I do to make you feel more comfortable.

This post has made me curious about your current trim schedule. How often do you currently get your trims? Post in the comment section below!


  1. Thank you for this post and thank you very much for including details about natural hair. I have been growing my hair out from a relaxer for about a year. Using protective styles like sew-ins and box braids, my hair has grown out about 6 inches all around, but about 2 inches need to be cut off, I wan to gradually clear it away. Just this wee I cut a 1/2 inch off and it does look better, but I know I need to do more. Do you think that a gradual approach over the next few months will just cause more breakage?

    1. If you do gradual you will need to do it more often, otherwise your hair will continue to split

  2. I was trimming once a month when I was getting my hair straightened at my appointments. Now that I am trying to reduce my heat usage I'll get one every 3 to 4 months.


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