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How To Make Your Silk Press Last For Up To Three Months

How To Make Your Silk Press Last For Up To Three Months

There are many natural women out there who prefer to wear their hair straight.  If this describes you let me be the first to tell you that there is not one thing wrong with that!  I know that sometimes the "natural nazis" can give you a lot of grief and quite frankly get on your last good nerve talking about what you should and should not do with your hair.  To be honest, all of the natural clients that I have come to me to get a silk press.  Whether it be they just prefer to wear their hair straight, or they simply want it straightened only when it is time to get a trim, either way silk presses take up a lot of my appointment book slots.  One frequently asked question that I get in regards to silk presses is how can they last longer or how long do they last.  The answer is that
majority of the time your silk press will last until it gets wet again.  If you do not shampoo it for two weeks then it should last the entire two weeks. On the other hand, if your hair gets wet at all whether it be from rain, sweat, humidity, etc your hair will revert back to its curly state.  This brings up the next question. Can a silk press last even longer than the average 1-2 weeks?

How To Make Your Silk Press Last For Up To Three Months

One way to make your silk press last for up to three months is to get a Brazilian Blowout.  Not to be confused with Dominican Blowouts or keratin treatments, Brazilian Blowouts are a great alternative for naturally curly haired women.  They are temporary, lasting up to three months, but allow your hair to be straight longer than a silk press.  They are not relaxers nor do they have the same chemicals as relaxers so they do not get the hair bone straight.  They do, however take about 50%-80% of the curl out of your hair depending on your preference.  They also provide you with frizz free hair during this time and if your hair gets wet, it will not revert back until the treatment wears off.

after results of Brazilian Blowout
This means you can enjoy the things you want to do like swim, work out, or even dance in the rain without your hair reverting back to its natural state while the treatment is still present.  I have performed this treatment on many clients and NONE  of them have ever experienced any hair loss from it nor have any of them experienced their natural curl pattern not returning.  This treatment is safe, but must be done by a professional!  I know a lot of you non-licensed women like to let your inner hairstylist free and do things yourself to your own hair but don't do it with this.  There are many steps to this treatment that are not even included in the directions.  I know this because when I went to get certified I went thinking that I already knew everything but I learned a lot of new things that only someone trained would know.

In case you are wondering if this treatment would work with your hair, take a look at the client featured in this post.  Her hair was very coarse, thick, and very kinky.  To put it simply, she had a LOT of hair and she still got phenomenal results.  I did not take all of her curl out but I did take about 75% of the curl out of her hair.  This way, if her hair gets wet, she will have a pretty wave that she could let air dry if she wanted to.  This will give her more options while she has the treatment.  It will not go back to its originally curly state until after her three months are up.  She was very pleased with the results.

To maintain during the three months you would shampoo and condition 1-2 times per week with a sulfate free shampoo.  Brazilian Blowout prefers that you use their shampoo and conditioner since it is formulated to work with the treatment.  Other than that you would style your hair as usual!  If you are interested in getting this treatment and are in or near the Birmingham, AL area don't hesitate to book me to do this for you!  Already had this treatment done before? Let me know about your experience in the comments.


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