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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Hair || Doing A Drastic Haircut For The First Time

Before pic

You know the saying new year, new you?  Well this client has definitely embraced that when it came to her hair.  She has been telling me for years that she wanted to cut her hair but was hesitant because she had never intentionally done a major cut before.  Well this time, she was really ready and decided that New Year's Eve was the day.  She wanted to cut at least 10 inches of hair off in order to donate so I measured a little more than 10 inches keeping in mind that they may want to trim the dead ends off and snipped away.

After pics:

We turned the after into a bob:
her first time drastic hair cut
 She is natural so she is going to have to get in the habit of wrapping her hair. (see how to wrap here)

angled bob slightly stacked in the back

back view

front view
She says she really likes her new hair and plans on enjoying it being short for a little while before letting it grow back long.


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  1. Oh wow! What a major cut but so worth it for a major cause. She's gorgeous and so is her hair. You did an excellent job!


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