Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Is A Good Time To Cut Your Hair?

This client has been coming to me for a short while now but on her last visit she expressed to me how she was not happy with her hair cut.  First let me say that she went somewhere else to get her hair cut before she even started coming to me.  However, I thought she was happy with her cut since she had gotten it so recently and on her initial visit to me she did not mention that she did not like it.  Once it was curled and everything she thought it made her look like an old lady.  She also mentioned that she was not really on the bandwagon of relaxer stretching either.  This was all new news to me!  I was under the impression that she wanted to grow her hair longer so I had her on track to stretch her relaxers out.  When she told me she was not feeling that, I then suggested that she get her hair cut short so that she could get her relaxers more often.

When you have short hair, you can relax it sooner than every sixteen weeks due to if any overlapping occurred, the hair is continuously being cut anyway so if any damage were occurring, the damaged part would be constantly being cut off so it would be safe.  She agreed to this and said she was not opposed to going short at all.  This makes me happy as I like to cut since I only have a handful of clients, two to be exact, so when I get the opportunity to do a major cut like this I get excited.  So this brings on the question, when is a good time to cut your hair?  The answer is whenever you feel like it!  However, if you do not want to relaxer stretch to grow your hair out, I would suggest cutting it to keep it healthy because if you do not stretch your relaxers out and end up having your hair over-processed it will become damaged and damaged hair is a throwback! (smile)

I started off by cutting the hair into its general shape first.  Once I did that, I the gave her a relaxer.  After relaxing and neutralizing I set her under the dryer to get the hair completely dry.  Once dried, I cut a little more to get it just right.  I initially was going to cut it very short all over but she wanted to have enough hair to cover her forehead so I left a little length in the top.

As I was cutting more and more hair she began to smile harder and harder.  She was super excited to get a new look, and more importantly she was ecstatic to get her relaxer.  Once I finished cutting I simply curled it into its shape giving a little height in the top.  She was extra happy with the final look and said she could not wait to go show it off!

Here are a few more pictures of the final look.  To maintain this style she can put a few rollers in the top to keep the height and put her wrap cap around the sides and back.

We eventually will grow the longer side a bit longer and cut the shorter side and back even shorter.


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