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Monday, July 14, 2014

Faux Mohawk (Faux-hawk) For Natural Hair

This is a client that has had a silk press before but has been opting for styles with no heat on her hair.  Majority of natural women that come to me get a silk press so she is forcing me out of my element!  For this visit we did a fake mohawk, or a faux-hawk since she wanted something that would last for a while and that she could easily manage.

To achieve this style, of course I started with Silk Hydration products!  I used the clarifying shampoo first, followed by the moisturizing shampoo.  After using the moisturizing treatment next, I generously applied some leave-in conditioner.  At this point I had the hair prepped sufficiently and was able to begin styling.

While her hair was wet, I twisted up the sides by doing twists to the scalp.  Then I used the small purple rods to roll all of her hair up.

She was only under the dryer for about an hour before she was completely dry!  To take care of this she can tie the sides up with her scarf and then put a satin bonnet on top of that.  Once she wakes up in the morning she can use her fingers to pull the curls apart and make the hair appear fuller if that is the look she is going for.  She can also spray some Silk Hydration by L. Jones Miracle Potion no9 on it to eliminate frizz and add shine.  This style should last a good two weeks.


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