Monday, July 7, 2014

Hair Of The Week (HOTW)- Freshly Relaxed Wrap

As many of you know, I have just completed my six month stretch of my relaxer.  As of right now I am on week one and wanted to show you how great (and healthy) my hair looks after the first week.  I had a lot of growth, a little over four inches to be exact, even after I had a trim.  I must admit, it is definitely growing much faster than I expected, especially since I have a relaxer and permanent color but that just goes to show that as long as you are taking care of your hair to keep it healthy, it will grow!

For the first shampoo after my relaxer I used the products from my own line, Silk Hydration by L. Jones.  I started with the clarifying shampoo (Extreme Clean) to ensure that all of the dirt, oil, and residue was removed.  I then used the moisturizing shampoo (Extreme Moisture) to add the good moisture (including liquid silk) back in.

Once I got done shampooing, I then put on the daily conditioner and let sit for just a few minutes before rinsing.  Next, I generously applied the leave-in conditioner and combed all the way through the hair.  The leave-in conditioner  not only adds an extra layer of moisture, but it also detangles the hair and acts as a heat protectant as well.  That is why I apply generously.

 After that I simply combed my hair straight down and put just a few rollers in the crown.  After letting air dry, I then blow dried the rest and flat ironed.  Since I was only one week post relaxer, no edge control or anything of that nature was needed.  My hair just laid right down like I wanted it to and gave me no problems!

I am truly enjoying this freshly relaxed hair!  I usually feel this way until around month three (week 12).  Then it starts to sink in that I have three more months to go and is not as easy.  It is still very much manageable though which is why I continue my stretch.

 I encourage all of you to stretch your relaxers to get your hair to be as healthy as possible.  Misusing chemicals is what leads to damage.  And if you are wanting to have permanent color with your relaxer, I would not suggest going more than two shades above your natural hair color.  For example if your hair is dark brown or black, do not try to get honey blonde highlights.  On top of having relaxed hair, going to light with the color will always, always, always lead to damage.

To maintain my hair all I have to do is wrap it. That is it!  My routine is very simple.  I shampoo once per week and wrap every night.  I keep the heat to a minimum and stretch my relaxer.  Your hair will do the rest on its own.



  1. You are looking good! Your stretch has inspired me to go past 12 weeks!

  2. Can products in your hair care line define natural curls?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous hair!!! You've retained a lot of length too:)


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