Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (week 18)

I feel like this has been a very long series!  However, it still continues.  These are the lengths I personally go through to get healthy hair.  This is week 18 of the series and this week I wore my wig Tori.  I really liked wearing Tori because it was so easy to just throw her on then take her back off at night all while leaving my hair wrapped up.  I did not unwrap my hair until Sunday (I shampoo on Tuesdays) so my hair was very safe and secure under Tori.  I wore a wrap cap so that there would not be any friction of my hair from rubbing directly agains the wig unit.  This week used Silk Hydration by L. Jones products as always and this week I could really notice my hair getting longer.  It has definitely come a long way since when it was cut in a bob!  I can still manage my hair even at week 18 so I will definitely continue the stretch.  Check out the video this week.


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