Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (week 16)

This is week 16 of the series and it is an important week for many of you who are at this point.  Some of you will be getting your relaxer this week and believe me, I know how excited you are.  But you must admit, it was not that bad right?  We are so conditioned to getting them every 6-8 weeks that when you introduce sixteen weeks into the mix that sounds down right crazy.  I understand but stretching your relaxer is the only way to have healthy, relaxed, and growing relaxed hair.

Check out the video for this week.  I was in a time crunch so decided on straight again this week..

Join me next week when I go back to weave for week 17.  I have the itch to wear some longer hair!

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