Monday, February 10, 2014

Series: How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (week 6)

You finally made it!  It has officially been six weeks and you have decided to stretch your relaxer.  If you have decided to take the health of your hair seriously and are dedicated to having the healthiest hair possible, congratulations to you!  I guarantee most of you who swear your hair is soooo nappy don't even have an inch of new growth yet. Trust me, it is not as bad as you think.  For some of you, the real work is starting now.  For others, like myself, you are just getting started!  By that, I mean that my hair is still straight as if I just got my relaxer yesterday.  I do know that people have different hair textures and that is perfectly ok.  Whether your hair is just wavy or extra kinky, you still can reap the benefits of relaxer stretching.  I am not suggesting that you torture yourself, but I am suggesting that you get at least a minimum of 2 inches of new growth before you relax your hair again.
This week marked six weeks since my last relaxer.  The following video shows my regimen for this week.  Remember, I shampoo my hair every week.  This week I decided to do my absolute favorite hairstyle....STRAIGHT!  Ya'll know how I love my straight hair.  As you get further and further along in your stretch it will get a bit more difficult to do sets because it will look puffy at the root.  Even if you do a set, with the exception of rods, you may still have to apply a little heat to the root in order to get a straight look.

Enjoy!  Check back next week when I tackle week 7.. And if you are enjoying this series, be sure to subscribe to the blog as well as the YouTube channel!  Thanks!

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