Thursday, April 2, 2020

20 Medications That Can Cause Hair Loss

Medications that can cause hair loss

Medications can affect different people in different ways. One major side effect of many medications is that they can cause hair loss. This can be devastating to some women, especially when just simply having our hair done can cause our confidence and self esteem to rise. If you have been noticing that you hair has been shedding shortly after you have started taking some medications I have some good news for you as well as some bad news. The good news is that the hair loss you are experiencing is completely reversible! The bad news is that the hair loss will continue as long as you are on the medication, no matter how many by L. Jones moisturizing treatments and deep conditioners you do. The reason for this is because the side effect to the medication either causes your hair to prematurely go into the resting phase and fall out, or it interrupts the cycle of hair growth in which new hair doesn't continue to grow as the current active hairs go into the resting phase. Both of these things affect not the hair itself, but the way the hair actually grows. So doing things to strengthen the actual hair follicle is not helpful for allowing the growth pattern to resume to normal.

Here are 20 medications that can cause hair loss:
  1. High blood pressure medications
  2. Steroids
  3. Thyroid medications
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Birth control pills
  6. Antidepressants
  7. Weight loss drugs
  8. Anti-clotting drugs
  9. Cholesterol lowering drugs
  10. Hormone replacement drugs
  11. Drugs that treat breast cancer
  12. Acne medications
  13. Mood stabilizers
  14. Drugs that treat Parkinson's disease
  15. Chemotherapy drugs
  16. Epilepsy drugs
  17. Parkinson's disease
  18. Gout
  19. Testosterone replacement therapy
  20. Anesthesia
As I stated, these drugs have the potential side effect of hair loss. Not everyone will be affected, but women who commonly experience hair loss after taking medications are usually taking something on the list above. Remember, the only way to stop the hair loss is by not taking the drug anymore. I am NOT saying to go against your doctor's orders and stop taking any medication that you were prescribed. Your health is what is important! I am saying that if you are noticing severe hair loss after you have started taking medications, to talk to your doctor and discuss possible alternatives.  

As devastating as hair loss may be, it is not the end of the world. As long as L. Jones Hair Collection continues to be available, the possibilities are endless.  There are also plenty of wigs available that look great and very realistic. Never sacrifice your health for anything, not even your hair.

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