Monday, March 30, 2020

How to handle your hair during COVID19

How to handle your hair during COVID19
Does being quarantined due to COVID19 have you concerned about what to do with your hair? I have been getting a lot of inquiries and calls asking for hair advice. Even if you don't know how to style your own hair, you will be fine! All you need are the basics.
Don't worry about styling!

Here are my tips for you.
  • Don't worry about styling- The majority of the country, with the exception of essential personnel, is at home. Therefore, styling is not required. Simply focus on keeping your scalp clean and your hair moisturized. A lot of you know how to shampoo and condition. If you don't, here is a tutorial 
Unsure about what to use on your hair? You really only need the basics. Don't try to over complicate things. Here are the four basic things you need. These rules apply whether you're relaxed or natural. They even work if you have braids, dreads, twists, locks, etc.
  1. Shampoo- The first step to cleansing your hair and scalp is shampooing. The shampoo you need depends on your hair. I always start with a clarifying/deep cleansing shampoo. This is important because it gets rid of all of the dirt, oil, product residue, buildup, etc. I always recommend clarifying shampoo. If your hair is dry, follow the clarifying shampoo up with a moisturizing shampoo. I use this one. The moisturizing shampoo allows you to begin the process of adding and layering moisture back inside of your hair.
  2. Condition- After you shampoo, it is imperative that you shampoo your hair. Conditioning softens and moisturizes the hair. There are different types of conditioner. There are some that help you maintain the level of moisture you already have (like this one). Others are deep conditioners which are great for increasing the amount of moisture in the hair. This is great for dry hair and for hair that has chemicals. If your hair needs extra moisture, I recommend this deep conditioner. If your hair needs extra moisture AND it is damaged you'll need a reconstructive treatment like this one.
  3. Leave-In- I always recommend using leave in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners help moisturize your hair even more. Dry hair is damaged hair. Leave-ins give your hair an extra layer of moisture. This leave-in conditioner also helps detangle and includes a heat protectant, giving you three benefits in one.
  4. Seal- After you add all of this moisture inside of your hair, its important to keep it in. Sealing your hair helps trap the moisture inside of your hair. When using sealants it's important that you use something lightweight so your hair won't be too heavy and weighed down. I use and recommend this one. Some people use grease as a sealant. Grease is very heavy and I don't recommend it unless you are wearing a style that does not have body.
Air drying your hair is OK!
These are the basics of what you need. All of these items are available at After you do the four things mentioned above, then you can simply tie your hair down with a satin scarf (like this one) and let it air dry. Styling is not necessary, especially when you cant leave the house right now. This should be great news to those of you who aren't the best at styling your hair. 

Extras: If you don't mind an extra step, you can also use this time to oil your scalp. I love using this growth oil because in addition to helping the hair grow, it also helps with dandruff, flaking, and circulation of blood flow. For those of you that have twists, dreads, locks, or braids, using this braid spray will also help nourish your scalp as well as keep the hair moisturized.

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