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I think this may be the oldest question in hair history.  Does trimming your hair help it to grow or make it grow faster?  I'm here to set the record straight once and for all on this age old hair mystery. The answer is NO, trimming your ends does not make your hair grow!  Your hair grows from the scalp, not from the ends.  Once your ends are trimmed there is not a signal that goes up to your scalp telling it that it can now grow.  It just does not work like that.  Getting your ends trimmed does make your hair look healthier because instead of the ends of your hair looking like someone has been chewing on them, they now look neat and healthy.  I always advise women to not sacrifice trimming their ends only because they want their hair to look longer, that is definitely not a good look.

Even short hair is healthier with a trim. Healthy hair is good hair!

Also, once your ends begin to split it continues to do so until you cut them.  Therefore, the longer you go without getting them trimmed, the more they will continue to split up the hair shaft, and the more you will have to get cut in the long run.  That is why I advise women to get on a consistent schedule and stick with it in reference to getting your ends trimmed.  The reason why some women hate to have their stylist trim their ends is because by the time they let the stylist do it their is a lot that needs to be cut simply because the person waited so long to have it done.  Then the next thing you know the stylist is labeled as "scissor happy" because they cut all that needed to be cut which was more than the client was expecting.  But that is another blog post all together.  I normally turn my client around in the chair so that they can see themselves in the mirror, and show them what needs to be cut before I actually cut it.  If they agree to it I proceed to cut, otherwise I only cut however much they are comfortable with making sure to let them know that eventually they will need to get the rest cut since there is no product out there that will "fix" split ends, not even by L. Jones products;).

Trimming your ends does not make your hair grow faster but it does make it healthier

So the next time you hear someone say that they need to get their ends trimmed in order to help their hair grow let them know that that is not technically true.  They are helping their hair become healthier, which in turn, will aid in hair growth but trimming the ends of the hair does not equal longer hair.

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How to stretch your relaxer for healthier hair (week 3)
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Week 1- Relaxer day!

How to stretch your relaxer for healthier hair

Finally, today is the day that I got my relaxer! That means I will be doing another relaxer series! So many of you have asked me for an update on my hair and I thank you for pulling me back down to planet Earth because I was definitely on another planet with my L. Jones Hair Collection extensions and wigs. They are so addictive that it is unreal. But I am super excited to be getting my relaxer today. If you take a look at the pic below you will see why.

This is how you walk around when your hair looks a mess and you know you are about to get a relaxer!
 To the naked eye my hair actually looks fine. As a matter of fact it still looks straight from when I shampooed it approximately ten days ago. But do not let that fool you, if my hair were to get wet it would blow up like five times its size. I had approximately three inches of new growth.

relaxer ready
 After my relaxer service I decided to get a roller set. I did this simply because I did not want to put a lot of heat in it from the blow dryer right after a fresh relaxer. And, since my hair is freshly relaxed, it does not take very long for to dry. As thick as my hair is, I may have sat under the dryer just a little over an hour versus my normal time of two hours.

Can you tell how excited I am to be sitting under the dryer? Actually I didn't mind the heat on this day because it was ridiculously cold in Birmingham!
 After I got done drying, I took the rollers out and wrapped my hair. I wanted to wear something mostly straight but with body for this first week.

It may have been a bad idea to wear all black on the day I am supposed to give a hair update, it all blends in!
From the after picture above you can not get an accurate look at how much my hair grew, but wow, what a difference three inches makes! You can see my results better on the video listed below:


Week 2

For week two I decided to do a straight style so you can really see the length before I move on to the curlier styles. To start, I shampooed with the by L. Jones Extreme Clean shampoo twice and then I shampooed a third time with the Extreme Moisture shampoo. I did this because I have noticed that shampooing a third time makes my hair feel really good! After that I then followed up with the Replenishing Conditioner. Once I rinsed the conditioner out, I towel dried and then used the Leave-In Conditioner. The leave-in helped detangle my hair, adds an extra layer of moisture, and it also acts as a heat protectant so its basically a three in one!

Next, I moved on to blow drying my hair. And lastly I flat ironed with the Toi by L. Jones flat iron. Since my hair is pretty much freshly relaxed (only one week in), I put the heat on 430 degrees. It doesn't need much heat since the relaxer has done most of the work for me! If your hair is more on the thin side you can set your flat iron closer to or right at 400 degrees.

Since I did a straight style this week I'll be wrapping my hair all week long. That is the beauty of relaxed hair, you can just wrap it and go to bed! I swear I don't see myself giving up my relaxer anytime soon. Many people tell me that since I only get a relaxer twice a year that I might as well go natural but that couldn't be farther from the truth. All I am doing is allowing my hair to grow to a point where I know once I get my relaxer that I will not have any damage. Isn't that what we all want? Healthy, long, thick, relaxed hair? Be sure to check out the video for this week below.

Week 2 video:


Week 3

Stretching out your relaxer is key to healthier hair

For week 3 I decided on curls! I am not a big fan of curls but they do seem to help me keep the style longer. First, I deep conditioned my hair using the by L. Jones Extreme Clean Shampoo. I did this in order to get all of the excess dirt, oil, and residue off of my hair. I like to start with a clean slate so that my hair has the maximum amount of body and bounce.  Next, I moved on to the conditioner. I conditioned with the by L. Jones Replenishing Conditioner. This conditioner is fantastic at making my hair soft and giving it lots of slip and that luxurious feel. I only let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing since it does not take long to do what it needs to do. If you are like me, you may not always have time to do a deep conditioner. If that is the case then the Replenishing Conditioner would complement your hair care routine nicely since it starts workin so quickly. Also, my hair tends to be on the oilier side so deep conditioning can sometimes have me with super oily looking and heavy hair.  Lastly, I towel dried and sprayed the Leave-In Conditioner liberally. I do this because it adds an extra layer of moisture, acts as a heat protectant, and helps detangle. Who doesn't like a three for one??

How to stretch your relaxer for healthier hair
 Once I was done adding product I blow dried my hair and curled it with the Toi by L. Jones flat iron. The great thing about freshly relaxed hair is that it does not take much heat to curl it since the relaxer does most of the work for you.

For upkeep and maintenance I just rolled it up at night. This style was actually pretty easy to keep up and I rolled it with the flexi rods so they were super comfy to sleep in. Maybe I'll do curls again in the near future...

Check out the video for this week:


Week 4

Week four was very interesting to say the least. Since it marks a month since my relaxer I wanted to do a moisturizing treatment. My routine consisted of oiling my scalp with the Silky Regrowth Oil, and letting it sit for several hours. Then I shampooed my hair with the Extreme Clean Shampoo on the first lather, and the Extreme Moisture Shampoo on the second lather. Then I put the Intense Moisture Treatment on an let it sit overnight. The next day I went to the salon and rinsed the conditioner out. I then sat under the dryer until my hair was dry. Once I dried my hair I noticed that it felt very moisturized but it didn't feel like it normally feels on a fresh shampoo. I went ahead against my better judgement and flat ironed it. Then that's when it happened...

After I finished my hair it was so HEAVY! Apparently I must have forgotten that my hair is prone to getting oily pretty quickly and I had just literally packed my hair with even more moisture. It was an ultimate fail! I immediately knew that I could not go an entire week like that so once I went back home I shampooed my hair again in the shower. This time though, I used the Extreme Clean Shampoo, NO CONDITIONER ( I think my hair had been conditioned enough), but I did put just a little of the Leave-In Conditioner in there. After that, I blow dried and styled again. This time, it was perfect! My hair's body and movement was restored!

Check out the video below for more insight on this week.

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Many people ask me am I natural and when I tell them that I have a relaxer, the next question is how often do I get my relaxers. When I tell them between every six months I get the draw dropping, eyebrow raising look before I get the question "How do you do that?!".  The next statement ends up being something like how they could never do that because their hair tends to break after stretching for so long. Stretching your relaxer can be extremely beneficial, as it reduces the chances of overlapping relaxer onto hair that has been previously relaxed, over-processing, damage, and breakage. It can also help make your hair grow faster due to you aren't constantly putting chemicals on it.

If you have been getting your relaxers every six weeks, you obviously will not jump from getting your relaxer every six weeks to fourteen to sixteen weeks instantly.  Instead, try going two weeks longer than usual and get your relaxers at eight weeks.  Next, move it to ten weeks.  Keep slowly stretching it out further and further until you reach a comfort zone. It is my personal recommendation that you make it your goal to end up doing sixteen week stretches. If you want to go longer that is fine, but I always use sixteen as the magic number because at that point you should have about two inches of new growth which is a safe amount to get relaxed without incurring any damage. I choose to go six months, which is approximately twenty-four weeks, because even at sixteen weeks I can still manage my new growth just fine.

I know a lot of people who say their hair starts breaking once its time for a relaxer.  This is common as the line in the hair where the new growth meets the relaxed hair is very fragile.  This is also known as the line of demarcation.  The new growth is stronger due to the fact that it is basically virgin hair. If you are not gentle with your hair, it is more prone to breakage right at the line of demarcation. Therefore, you want to do the following things to keep your hair strong and allow you to stretch your relaxers.

  1. Get protein treatments regularly- Do this at least once per month, preferably two weeks before your relaxer.  The protein will give your hair the strength it needs to be less prone to breakage.
  2. Get moisturizing treatments regularly- Moisturizing treatments (like this one) go hand in hand with protein treatments and should be done on the same day following your protein treatment.  This will allow your hair to become elastic and stretch instead of being dry and brittle.
  3. Decrease exposure to heat- Use heat on your hair no more than once per week and keep it at the lowest setting that your hair will tolerate.  
  4. Use oil on your scalp- Certain oils like coconut, avocado, and jojoba oil can help reduce shedding and breakage, making the hair stronger and able to withstand stretching your relaxers. You could also get an oil blend which is a mixture of all the top oils that help strengthen and nourish they hair (like this one).
  5. Wrap your hair nightly- Wrapping your hair EVERY night is critical in training your hair.  It helps the new growth "lay down" thus making it easier to stretch out your relaxers.

Ladies! If you think you can not stretch your relaxers out, you are wrong! I used to also get my relaxers every six weeks so I know exactly what it is like. But it wasn't until I started stretching that I started seeing just how healthy my relaxed hair could be. You will never get that long, thick, healthy, AND relaxed hair by getting touch ups every 4-6 weeks, its just not going to happen.  I am by no means opposed to relaxers because I don't know what I would do without mine, but you have to learn how to manage your new growth instead of running to the salon yelling touch up every time you see a small wave at the roots!

I challenge all of you relaxed beauties to go at least one week longer than your normally would before getting your relaxer touch ups.  You will see that it honestly is not that bad! And in no time you'll be well on your way to only getting 2-3 relaxer touch ups per year.

Check out the video for this post on ToyaJTV here:

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Ladies, let's admit it, we all want longer hair, and we want it now right? And why shouldn't we? After all, when we get inspired by a hairstyle we see on someone else, don't we instantly want it?  Unfortunately, hair grows at what I refer to as a snail's pace, only averaging about 1/2 inch per month. And that is if your hair is healthy.  Damaged and unhealthy hair can grow even slower.  At that rate, it would take the average person with healthy hair about one year to grow six inches of hair. In six months you should have at least three inches of growth.  So what exactly can be done to hair to make it grow faster?  Unfortunately, there is really nothing that can be done to make it grow substantially faster.  However, there are a few things that can be done to help you grow it longer and retain all of the length you do get.  The good news is that your hair is always growing.  However, sometimes we have to cut what has grown for reasons like, split ends, damage, etc.  Here are a few ways to help your hair grow longer and retain all of our new growth.

Grow your hair longer with 5 steps
  1. Eat a well balanced diet- Believe it or not, eating a well balanced diet is very important on the hair because it allows us to get the proper nutrients in our body.  If your body is properly nourished, your blood circulates better in your body, including your scalp.  Increased blood circulation equals better hair growth.  Get where I'm going here? Bottom line is eat up on those fruits and veggies and your hair will also see the benefits.
  2. Drink water- This ties in to #1 but I have seen the benefits of drinking the recommended amount of water first hand. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is between half your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water daily.  When I did my water challenge I saw changes in my hair very quickly.  It seemed to need less oil, and I noticed that I had new growth faster than I normally did.
  3. Wrap your hair- Wrapping your hair helps your ends not split as fast which means that you retain more of your length as your hair grows. So make sure you wrap it every single night, even if you know you are getting it done the next day! If you can not wrap your hair, tie it up with your satin cap.
  4. Trim your ends regularly- Trimming your ends on a regular basis does NOT help your hair grow, but it does keep your split ends at bay so that you only have to get a little cut each time.  There are so many women who hate getting their ends trimmed and by the time they do, they end up cutting as much as they grew because the ends had split so far up the hair shaft.  Don't be scared to trim your ends. Split ends to make the hair appear longer, but it's not healthy nor does it look good to have long hair but raggedy ends.  Keep a consistent schedule with it (everyone is different but 8-10 weeks is good) and you will notice more of your new growth being retained thus making your hair longer.
  5. Watch the heat- I recommend only using heat in your hair once per week or less.  Not only that, only use the temperature that your hair requires.  Never use the highest heat setting unless your hair is extremely thick and chemical free.  That type of hair can take it but most women have average hair which can take between 375-400 degrees. The Toi by L. Jones flat iron goes up to 480 degrees but using it on a temp that high is not required for majority of people. Constantly putting heat on your hair or using your heating tool at a temp that is too high will result in heat damage that leads to hair breakage which leads to SHORTER hair!  Heat can be your friend when used correctly.
  6. BONUS** Use high quality products- Using only high quality products (like these) is imperative for your hair growth journey. High quality products simply means that no products that are harsh to the hair are included in the formula. 

Easy ways to grow your hair in 6 months

Check out the video for this post:

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How can I make my hair grow faster?

Today's tip come from a question that many women ask a lot. How can I make my hair grow faster? When we want our hair to grow, we want it right now! Believe me, I get it. Once I'm on a mission to grow my hair, I throw all logic out the window. Like the fact that most people have a hair growth rate of only about half an inch per month! That seems so slow. But hey, that is what they make extensions for right? Well today I'm going to give you five ways to help speed up the process a bit.

Normal hair growth rate is slow, here are some tips to make your hair grow faster

  1. Leave it alone- Have you ever seen someone with long, gorgeous hair and all they do is put it in a ponytail or you can tell that they put very little effort into their hair care routine? That is precisely what is helping their hair grow! They are leaving it alone and letting nature take its course. They are not constantly manipulating their hair nor do they have an elaborate hair care regimen. I am not saying to not put any effort into your hair, however when you do leave it alone. Stop frequently combing it throughout the day, rubbing in it, playing in it all the time, etc. Just let it do what it is supposed to do, and that is grow!
  2. Get trims regularly- Seems like if you want your hair to grow faster you would avoid trims right? Wrong! Trimming the dead ends off helps you retain your length. If you skip trims your hair will only continue to split up the hair shaft and you will only have to get more of your hair cut in the end. You do want to be careful to not get trims to often though because again, the goal is to retain and increase length and you can not do that if you get a trim every month.
  3. Oil your scalp- Oiling your scalp with oils that help stimulate growth (like this one) can help your hair with growth. They key is to also massage the oil into the scalp because this helps to increase blood circulation, which leads to faster hair growth.
  4. Eat right- I can't say this enough! The foods you eat do play an important role in your hair growth. Being nourished with the proper nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables helps stimulate growth in your hair.
  5. Drink water- Drinking the proper amount of water DAILY also helps your hair grow faster. Be sure you make this a daily habit if you want your hair to grow faster.

we all want our hair to grow faster, but are you willing to do your part?
Doing all five of my professionally recommended suggestions will help your hair grow faster. All it takes is a little dedication to better hair habits and you will be well on your way to longer hair.

Are you following the right tips to make your hair grow faster?
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