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Can my relaxed hair be healthy? (week 6)

This week for the "Can my relaxed hair be healthy" series I have finally reached the six week mark (see week 5 here)! I still can't believe that I used to get my relaxer touch up every.six.weeks! Wow, when I think back on what I used to do to my relaxed hair (even under the care of a professional hairstylist) it makes me cringe. Lucky for me my hair, even being relaxed, has always been thick, so most people would not be able to tell if I had experienced a little bit of hair loss. To them it would just look normal. However, it is definitely true that once you know better, you should do better and I have done just that with my relaxed hair care regimen.

Low manipulation styles are great for growing relaxed hair?

The products: Here are the by L. Jones products I used this week.

Hair products great for adding moisture to relaxed hair

The process:

I rolled my hair with the purple flexi rods (pictured below) and sat under the dryer for a little over an hour. I used to hate sitting under the hair dryer but now I seem to get so much work done while I'm letting my hair dry that I don't mind it as much. Relaxed hair does not take as long to dry, especially when it is still pretty much freshly relaxed.

Flexi rod set on relaxed hair

After letting my hair completely dry I then took all of the rollers down and pulled them apart. The great thing about doing flexi rods on relaxed hair is that you don't have to use very many rollers. I only used about six or seven rollers total for my entire head. All you have to do is take large sections of hair and it will come out just fine.

Finished look, flexi rod set on relaxed hair

The video:

Check out the video of week 6 here:

Week 5 (Can my relaxed hair be healthy?) Series

This week on the "can my relaxed hair be healthy" series, I decided to do a twist set. I'll just say that this week was definitely not one of my favorite weeks. I had to sit under the dryer for several hours in order for it to be completely dry, then on top of that, I was not very thrilled with the results. Twist sets on relaxed hair have a completely different look from twist outs on natural hair. I am a huge fan of twist outs on natural hair but doing them on relaxed hair, especially relaxed hair that is still pretty much freshly relaxed is not the business! Anyway, it looked decent for about two days, then it became something that I pinned up, then it became a ponytail and finally when I simply couldn't look at it any longer, I went ahead and shampooed my hair again! I think next time I'll try a braid out instead.

The products:

This week I used the following by L. Jones hair products..

The process:

This week for my twist set, I  twisted the hair while it was wet, let it dry, then untwisted my hair. Again, I do not advise doing this on freshly relaxed hair or hair that is less than twelve week post relaxer. The hair is just way to straight before twelve weeks and does not stay twisted tight enough while it is wet, which doesn't equal the results you wanted once it gets dry.

The video:

Check out the video on ToyaJTV for this post below.

Healthy Relaxed Hair

Every day, women all over are deciding to ditch the "creamy crack" also known as relaxers and just wear their hair in its natural state.  If you are one of these "natural" women, I think that is great. I've heard many reasons why women want to get rid of their relaxers, ranging from they want healthier hair to they want less maintenance.  I believe that no matter what you decide to do with your hair, chemical or natural, that it can be healthy.  With that being said, if you want to go natural, yet you still want to wear your hair straight ALL the time, and have no desire whatsoever to wear your hair in its natural state, you may want to stick with the relaxers.

Natural Hair In Its Natural State

There are some women whose hair texture allows them to not get relaxers and still wear their hair straightened with no extra effort at all.  In these cases, a relaxer is not needed due to the hair texture giving them the freedom to freely go straight or curly without manipulating the hair much. But in reality, the majority of black women have hair that requires a lot of extra work to get it straight if its not relaxed.  And once it is straight, keeping it that way is another factor to keep in mind.  Basically it leads to a lot more work!

Natural Hair That Has Been Silk Pressed

So going natural but still wearing it straight all the time is pointless in my opinion. However, I do understand that there are many women who want to wear it straight but just do not want the chemical. Others simply cannot do the chemical at all. I have had clients that literally break out severely after relaxer services so it is just healthier for them to not get relaxers at all.

Relaxed Hair

If you plan on wearing your hair actually in its natural state and wearing styles that you could not otherwise do if you were relaxed, then going natural makes a lot more sense.  It also makes sense to be natural if you wear weaves and wigs exclusively. Your natural hair can handle the stress better. But going natural just to say you're natural often leads to going right back to relaxers anyway.  If you are thinking of going natural but don't plan on ever wearing your hair in its natural state, stick with relaxers, just do it the healthy way. Your hair can still be relaxed, long, thick, and healthy! Remember, all hair can be good hair. If your hair is healthy, it is good!


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Can my relaxed hair be healthy? (week 4)

Week 4 of the "Can my relaxed hair be healthy" series turned out to be bittersweet for me. Last week (see week 3 here) I did a roller set. This week I did a roller set on the large green flexi rods and absolutely loved it. Then, two days later the weather and my hair did not play nice with each other and my hair lost the battle! So, let the record show that it is not just women with natural hair that have to beware of humidity and rain. Women with relaxed hair have to be just as careful! I did, however, get to document what I did to my hair in my Healthy Relaxed Hair Journal and thank goodness that I got to snap a few pictures before the rain and humidity got the best of me. Always remember that relaxed hair can very much be healthy as long as you take proper care of it!

Healthy relaxed hair

The Process:
This week I did the following:

  1. Shampooed twice, once with the Extreme Clean Clarifying Shampoo, then once with the Extreme Moisture Shampoo
  2. Conditioned with the Replenishing Conditioner
  3. Used the Leave-In Conditioner
  4. Rolled with the green flexi rods
  5. Sat under the hooded dryer until dry (about 2 hours)
  6. Pulled rollers apart with my fingers using Silky Serum Oil
  7. Sprayed with Miracle Potion no9

Healthy relaxed hair with flexi rod set

The Products:
 relaxed hair products from

The maintenance:

To keep the curls (for the few days they lasted) I rolled it back up at night. Under normal conditions, this helps the curls last the longest. If you simply put a satin bonnet on, the curls will eventually fall. Normally, when I am wearing a flexi rod set on my relaxed hair, I like to keep it looking curly for the entire time so I always roll it back up at night. Plus, it's so easy to roll up because I only need about six rollers for my entire head.

The video:
Check out the video for this post below:

The course:

Want to learn how to get this exact look? I can teach you how! I have this course available online at by L. Jones Academy (click here).

Learn how to roller set your own hair like this!

There are many hair myths out there.  And with a lot of people longing for that thick, long, beautiful hair, some women will try just about anything to get it.  I've heard of women doing lots of things to their hair, from making their own products using ingredients in the fridge to not cleaning their hair for months on end all because they "heard" it would help their hair grow.  Here are some common hair myths exposed.

1.  Cutting/Trimming your hair will make it grow- This myth in particular never made sense to me.  If your hair grows from the root, how will cutting it from the ends make it grow?  The fact is that your hair will grow whether you trim your hair or not.  Trimming your ends helps you control your split ends and allows your hair to be healthier.  Not trimming your ends means once the ends begin to split, it will just continue up the hair shaft, resulting in you having to trim more than you would necessarily want to.

2.  You can fix your split ends- Let's finally put this myth to rest! The only way to fix split ends is to cut them off.  There is no product that will magically mend your split ends back together. The best thing to do is have them trimmed on a regular basis or as soon as you notice that they are splitting.  Also, if your ends have split and inch from the ends, don't waste your time only cutting half an inch, getting a "baby" trim, or just "dusting" your ends.  Your hair may appear even, but you will still have split ends and they will continue to split until you cut them ALL off.  Go ahead and have them all cut the first time and from then on, maintain a regular schedule of 6-8 weeks for your trims.

3.  Stress causes the hair to turn grey- Sorry ladies, but you can't blame your kids, jobs, men, etc for your greys.  In fact, grey hair is hereditary.  If the women in your family got grey hair early, you more than likely will too.

4.  If you pull one grey hair, two will grow back in its place- If you pull your grey hair out, only one will come back in its place.  You won't see double the number grow back and it won't be any coarser than the first.

5.  Greasing your scalp makes your hair grow-  Where do I begin with this one?  Grease does not NOT, I repeat does NOT make your hair grow! Greasing your scalp actually clogs the pores making more difficult for the hair to grow.  It also causes the hair to become super oily and weighs it down.  Leave the grease alone ladies.

6. Frequent brushing causes your hair to grow-  Brushing your hair often does not help it grow.  In fact, brushing your hair too often can actually weaken the follicle making it more prone to breakage.  Limit brushing your hair to only brushing when styling and never brush while wet.

7.  Taking vitamins (prenatal, hair & nails, etc) will make the hair grow faster-  Pregnant women often see their hair grow faster and longer while they are pregnant due to hormones, not vitamins.  There are vitamins that help aid in hair growth when used in combination with proper diet, drinking enough water, and taking care of your hair, but don't start taking vitamins with the false perception that your hair will be 2 inches longer next week.  Prenatal vitamins contain enough nutrients for two people, so if you are taking these and are not pregnant, you are receiving more than the recommended dosage which can actually be harmful in some instances.

8.  If you use the same shampoo over and over, it will be less effective- We've all heard the saying that if you continue to do the same thing you will get the same results.  Using the same shampoo over and over will continue to produce clean hair over and over.  Our hair doesn't get used to one product and then develop a tolerance for it.  If you have found hair products that work for you, congratulations! Everyone can't say that, so it's important to stick with what works best for your hair.  There is nothing wrong with changing hair products if that is your preference, but that is simply an option not a requirement.

9.  Shampooing your hair too often dries the hair out- This is only partly true.  Shampooing frequently with certain products can cause your hair to become dryer.  However, if you are using sulfate free, paraben free, moisturizing products it will not dry your hair out.  On the contrary, if you abuse using clarifying, deep cleansing shampoos or frequently use shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens, you will notice that your hair feels stripped and dried out as these products can be harsh are specifically made to strip the hair.

10.  Dandruff is caused by dry scalp- Dandruff is actually caused by a fungus which feeds off the oils in the hair.  Therefore, it is very possible to have oily scalp and still have dandruff.  Cleansing your hair and scalp regularly and using the right products will make (mild cases of) dandruff disappear.

Check out the video here:

The Healthy Relaxed Hair Journal

Is Your Hair Always Dry?

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