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Healthy Hair Care Tips For Relaxed & Natural Hair From A Professional Hairstylist

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Even as a professional hairstylist, I still sometimes have bad hair days. However, I feel like it is absolutely unacceptable for me to come into my salon with bad hair and expecting women to trust me to make their hair look good. Therefore, I have a few "bad hair day" styles in my reserve for when I need them. There are three simple and easy hairstyles that I have for bad hair days that anyone can do. For each hairstyle that I will list below, I will give two variations to show how you can switch it up.

1. The Bun- The bun is an oldie but goodie. Anytime I have a bad hair day, it is the first style that I think of. It is so simple and easy to do and it can be done in a fraction of time. Also, they can be worn all over the head to give you some variety. Buns can also be worn with your own hair or you can use the help of some inexpensive hair pieces. The bun I use is actually a drawstring ponytail that I made using hair from L. Jones Hair Collection. It is two bundles and once I put the ponytail on, I simply wrapped it around like a bun and pinned it down. Simple!

2. The Ponytail- Ponytails will never go out of style and can look very cute. They do not have to look bad! Adding a little hair can go a long way. This is the same ponytail that I made on a drawstring and put up in a bun. The pic below shows how the ponytail looks without being pinned up. Again, this is two bundles of hair (16 & 18 inch) from L. Jones Hair Collection. I liked this ponytail so much that I am even thinking about making another one with wavy hair!

3. The Wig- I think everyone needs at least one good wig as a backup. I used be totally against wigs, but once I started making my own and seeing that they don't all look wiggy I am a huge fan. I now have so many wigs in my linen closet that I do not have enough room for my towels! You don't have to wear them everyday, you can just pull it out when you really need it. Remember, your wig should be optional, not required. This is one of my wig creations that I made using the hair from L. Jones Hair Collection.

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8 simple tips to get rid of dry hair

We all hate it, hair that looks absolutely dryer than the Sahara desert. I am talking about hair that is so dry that it feels brittle to the touch and will break if you even look at it hard enough. I get so many clients who come to me craving any product that will help their hair look moisturized. There are many things that will help your hair look moisturized and today we will explore them all! Beware, too much moisture can make your hair look greasy and weigh it down. So, how do you have healthy looking, moisturized hair that still moves and has lots of body? Let's get started.

properly moisturized relaxed hair

1. Drink PLENTY of water! Yes I know what you are going to say. You already drink water right? No, I am not talking about just one cute little twenty ounce bottle. You should be drinking half of your body weight (in pounds) of water. If you weight two hundred pounds, your minimum water intake (daily) should be one hundred ounces. This should be a daily ritual! I am talking to myself as well. We are all guilty of not getting enough water every day. My problem is that I do not like to drink water when I eat. I can drink it after I drink my regular beverage of choice AFTER I eat just fine though. For example, when I go to a fast food restaurant I always order a small drink and a large water with my food. Once I am done with the water, I try to refill the cup with water an additional two times to get closer to my daily goal. Water has several benefits with the most obvious being it is an excellent hydrator. When your scalp is dry more than likely the skin on the rest of your body is as well. As a result, this contributes to our hair becoming dry and often beginning to flake (see more here). So, your first step is to drink up!

2. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Since we are on the theme of hydrating from the inside, I will continue with our diet. A diet that is well balanced and includes fruits and vegetables also helps to hydrate us. It may not seem like it is affecting us right away because we want everything to happen so quickly but I now for a fact that hydrating from the inside works. When I took my 90-day water challenge, I could noticeably tell a difference in my skin AND my scalp.

get rid of dry hair by properly moisturizing from the inside out

3. Start using high-quality products. Have you ever heard the saying "you get what you pay for"? Well all of those cheap hair products, especially the shampoo is very harsh and strips the hair which causes it to dry out. Also, you end up using more of it to try to get the results of using less of a product with higher quality ingredients. Salon grade products like by L. Jones are excellent on the hair because they are gentle but still very effective on cleansing. Yes they cost a little more but just like healthier food costs more and is better for you it is the same difference here.

4. Use the right products for your hair type. This is very important. You must use the correct products for your hair. What problems are you having with your hair? If your hair is dry, you must use moisturizing products, including shampoos, conditioners, and in many cases, a deep conditioner or moisture treatment. I have an excellent moisture shampoo and moisture treatment that are great for dry hair. The Extreme Moisture shampoo includes liquid silk and silk amino acids to help the hair have a silky look and feel. The Intense Moisture Treatment includes oils that actually penetrate the hair and hydrate the hair from the inside as opposed to oils that only sit on top or coat the hair. When you have dry hair, it is crucial to use products that have extra moisture in them so that you can get rid of your dry hair.

5. Always use a leave-in- Leave-in conditioners are great because you do not have to rinse them out. They add extra moisture to your hair which is what dry hair always needs. I recommend using a liquid based leave-in like by L. Jones Leave-In because it not only adds an extra layer of moisture but it also detangles and acts as a heat protectant. If you prefer a cream based leave-in conditioner use it sparingly to avoid product build up.

how to get rid of dry hair

6. Stop using grease! Despite what you have been told, grease is not the answer for dry hair. The only thing grease does is put a thick coat on the hair which prevents moisture from going in or coming out. That is why no matter how much grease you put on your hair it never seems like its enough. You may notice that your hair seems to "eat" the grease or that your hair seems even drier no matter how much grease you put on. Well that is because it is fighting the little moisture you have AND not allowing any more in. Grease is like a band-aid, it only covers up the real problem. You want products (like by L. Jones) that will penetrate your hair shaft and moisturize from within.

7. Limit your heat usage. Heat usage should only be once per week or less. I know, I know, sometimes you just have to touch up just one piece of hair. What could that hurt right? Wrong! If you fall into the habit of "touch up" pieces here and there, next thing you know you are flat ironing all of your hair every other day. Too much heat can cause your hair to dry out, become brittle, then break.

8. Be careful with color. Permanent hair color can cause the hair to dry out, especially if you are going from very dark hair to very light hair. To avoid the hair becoming dry, I advise that you do not go more than three levels above your original hair color. Also, if you decide to get hair color be sure that you can not only afford the cost of the service but that you also budget for the cost of maintenance. Regular deep conditioning and reconstructive treatments are essential to have healthy hair that is permanently colored.

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Many times women often ask what can they put on their hair to help it grow faster. But a lot of the time what you put in your body is equally important. Your diet plays a critical role in the health of your hair. If you have a poor diet and unhealthy eating practices, you more than likely have hair that is not as healthy as it could be. I am definitely a healthy hair advocate, and I promote healthy hair not only through great products like by L. Jones, as well as healthy hair care practices, but also through the food that we eat.

There are many foods that contain the nutrients that we look for when turning to multivitamins for faster hair growth. In fact, your body absorbs the nutrients better when you eat then from the food directly versus when you take a vitamin. Today I am going to go over the top 25 foods that you should eat that would help your hair grow faster and become healthier.

     1. Eggs- Eggs are packed with biotin & protein. Biotin helps the hair to grow while protein makes       the hair stronger.
Eggs with salmon & leafy greens

     2. Swiss chard- Swiss chard contains biotin which is fantastic for hair growth.

     3. Salmon- Salmon reduces flakiness and itching.

     4. Carrots- Carrots contain vitamin A which helps with cell growth.

     5. Chicken- Chicken contains protein which helps the hair become stronger. A deficiency in                 protein contributes to premature hair loss.

     6. Brazil nuts- Brazil nuts contain selenium which help the body process protein which is needed         for stronger hair. It also stimulates the hair which encourages growth.

     7. Spinach- Spinach contains vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, and iron. Vitamin C helps regulate oil         production (great if you have dry scalp). All cells need vitamin A to grow, including the hair. Iron       deficiency causes hair loss, and folate is a type of b vitamin that also contributes towards healthy,       strong hair.

     8. Beef (red meat)- Red meat contains zinc which stimulates hair growth, and iron which                     contributes to hair growth.

     9. Walnuts- Walnuts contain vitamin E which helps the hair grow faster.

     10. Lamb- Lamb contains zinc, iron, and b-12 which helps keep the hair healthy

     11. Berries- Berries including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries contain               vitamin C which contains antioxidants. Antioxidants protect hair follicles from damage from free       radicals.

     12. Sweet potatoes- Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which converts to vitamin A!

     13. Avocados- Avocados contain vitamin E which promotes hair growth.

     14. Seeds- Seeds like sunflower, flax, and chia contain vitamin E, vitamin B, and omega-3

     15. Sweet peppers- contain vitamin C (especially the yellow peppers)

     16. Oysters- Oysters contain zinc, but beware, too much zinc can cause hair loss! So pace                   yourself when eating oysters (I personally love them).

     17. Shrimp- Shrimp contains protein, vitamin B, zinc, iron, AND vitamin D! This makes it loaded       with healthy hair vitamins.
salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black bean, corn, & cheese

     18. Beans- All beans contain protein! My personal favorite bean is the black bean, especially in a       taco salad.

     19. Soybeans- Soybeans promote hair growth and also prolong the anagen phase (growing phase)       of the hair growth cycle.

     20. Greek yogurt- I'm personally not a fan of yogurt. I really tried to like it by trying every flavor         and brand imaginable but I have come to the conclusion that we just don't get along! However,           greek yogurt contains protein as well as b5

     21. Guava- Guava contains vitamin C, which protects against oxidative stress caused by free               radicals. Your body also needs vitamin C to create collagen which is also a protein.

     22. Cinnamon- Cinnamon helps with circulation. Better circulation of the blood leads to faster             hair growth.

     23. Oatmeal- Oatmeal contains iron, fiber (promotes hair growth), zinc, and omega-3

     24. Liver- Liver contains iron which helps the hair to grow. I remember my mother making me           eat liver as a child because I had an iron deficiency. I hated it then and don't feel much different           about it now!

     25. Mushrooms- Mushrooms contain copper which helps the hair maintain its natural color, and           collagen which helps with breakage and brittleness. Mushrooms also contain iron.
chicken, squash, zucchini, rice

I often use a combination of these foods to come up with some fantastic recipes. With the help of Pinterest, I have been making some amazing things happen! So check out the list and see what your hair is lacking, then make you a fantastic recipe with some of the foods on the list.

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It is often said that if you trim your hair that it will grow faster. The truth is that your hair does not grow faster as a result of trimming. Your hair grows from your roots and when you trim, it affects your ends so technically trimming actually makes your hair shorter.

Trimming does help your hair to not only appear healthier, but to stay that way also. When you avoid trims, your ends continue to split up the hair shaft. When that happens your hair does become damaged, and when you finally do get that desperately needed trim, you end up having to actually get a drastic cut.

When you trim on a regular basis, you stop the ends from splitting up the hair shaft. This helps you to retain length. Bottom line, trimming your ends help you keep more length, and the more length you keep, the longer your hair will be.

I recommend trimming your ends every three months. If you do not take proper care of your hair then you will need to trim much sooner. Although you can not fix split ends, you can prolong them from splitting as fast. Be sure to wrap your hair or roll your hair up every night and tie it up with a silk scarf (like this one). Also, you can moisturize and seal  (get full tutorial here) your ends to help them not split as fast by using products like the by L. Jones Silky Growth Oil (sealant) & Leave-In Conditioner (moisture).

Remember that nothing will stop them from splitting altogether but these things will help you retain more length. Lastly, be sure to let a professional trim your ends. If you are concerned about your hairstylist trimming too much, ask them to turn you around to the mirror and allow you to see the process.

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How to take care of your relaxed hair in 9 easy steps

A lot of women these days are going the natural route because they want healthier hair.  There is nothing wrong with this decision, however, it is possible to have healthy hair AND have it relaxed at the same time!  Here are nine steps to take care of your relaxed hair.

1.  Stretch out touch ups until you see at least 2 inches of new growth. Getting touch ups every 14-16 weeks instead of every 4-6 weeks makes it much less likely for your hair to be damaged due to over-processing caused by overlapping. Read more here.

2.  Don't aim to get bone straight hair.  Think of the straw at the end of a broom, they break easily because they are so straight and stiff.  It's the same way with hair.  Your hair needs elasticity in it so it can move and flow, and not be prone to breakage so easily.  The hair should be 80% straight for optimum health.

The Healthy Relaxed Hair Journal

Is Your Hair Always Dry?

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