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5 Things That Cause Your Hair To Be Dry

5 Things That Cause Your Hair To Be Dry

If there is one thing more annoying than waiting for your hair to get longer, it's having dry hair.  No one likes it or the way it makes the hair look and feel.  The only good thing about dry hair is that it can easily be corrected.  All it takes is knowing what caused the dry hair in the first place, then knowing what to do to correct it. Today I will solve both of these issues for you! Here are a five things that cause your hair to be dry.

dry hair due to too much heat, permanent color, and neglect.

  • Permanent chemicals- If you are not careful, getting permanent color, especially if it is too light as well as relaxers can cause the hair to dry out.  That's why a lot of the time women with chemicals, especially if they have both of these, complain about the dryness of their hair. You can keep your chemically treated hair properly moisturized by using the by L. Jones Extreme Moisture Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and Intense Moisturizing Treatment. The shampoo adds moisture and silk to the hair and does not contain sulfates or parabens, so it will not strip the hair. The Intense Moisture Treatment has ten moisturizing agents in it to keep the hair from being brittle and dry, and the Leave-In Conditioner adds an extra layer of moisture to the hair while also acting as a heat protectant. Adding a Pre Poo Mud Mask treatment to your shampoo routine as well as using a moisturizer during the week like the Satin Moisture Cream will also add tons of moisture to the hair.
  • Too much heat- Besides causing breakage, using too much heat on the hair will also dry it out.  Only use heat in your hair once per week or less to avoid this, and use a heat protectant that won't weigh the hair down like the by L. Jones Silky Serum Oil.
  • Using too much protein- Many women tend to overload on the protein when their hair starts breaking in order to stop the breakage.  The problem is that too much protein leads to not enough moisture which leads to dry hair.  Healthy hair has an equal balance of protein and moisture. Use the Creamy Custard Reconstructive Treatment to get the perfect balance of both protein AND moisture.
  • Overexposure to the sun- Being out in the sun for long periods of time can lead to your hair drying out.  When you plan on being out in the sun for extended periods, try pulling the hair up or putting a hat on to protect your hair. You can also apply the Leave In Conditioner to the hair without it being weighed down or becoming frizzy.
  • Not drinking enough water- Not drinking enough water not only causes dry hair, but dry skin as well.  Drinking at least 48oz per day does wonders for the hair.

Healthy, relaxed, and moisturized hair. (Moisture was achieved by using the by L. Jones product line)

Dry hair is definitely not a good look for anyone. But luckily it can be easily taken care of by getting to the root of the problem and using the right hair products. One thing to remember is that if your hair is extremely dry, it will not become fully moisturized by using moisturizing products only once. Consistency is the key so it is important to always incorporate healthy hair care practices in your routine.

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