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How to avoid heat damage

How to avoid heat damage

Many relaxed hair bloggers will tell you to stay away from heat. It's no secret that heat can destroy your hair. However, heat does not have to be your hair's enemy. I have clients in my salon that get heat on their hair weekly (with this flat iron) and has grown past their bra straps. When heat is used correctly it will not harm your hair, but the opposite is true as well. Heat used incorrectly can cause severe damage. Today I want to show you how to avoid heat damage to your hair.

Flat ironing with Toi Primo flat iron

Here are my top tips to avoiding heat damage:
  1. Use heat protectant!- This is the most important tip of them all. Protecting your hair from heat can save it from a lot of damage. Use the by L. Jones Silky Serum Oil before flat ironing to not only protect from heat but to also add amazing shine as well. This leave-in conditioner also has a heat protectant in it as well.
  2. Only use the heat you need.- Your flat iron should always have a temperature gauge that you can change. It should not just have an on/off button. You should be able to control the heat so you can customize it to your hair.
  3. Only use heat once per week or less- The frequency of which you use heat is important. You should never use heat in your hair more than once per week.
Silky Serum Oil from by L. Jones for heat protectant
Again, be sure that you are using heat protectant (like this and this) to avoid heat damage to you hair IN ADDITION TO controlling not only the temperature of the heat but the frequency as well.

Check out the video below:


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