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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Hair Won't Grow

Have you ever had a goal for your hair to grow but it just seemed like no matter what you tried, things were not working out the way you planned? I get it! Many women have asked me how they can grow their hair faster, longer, thicker, etc so today I'm here to answer this question. As a relaxed hair blogger and professional hair care specialist, hopefully I'll be able to give you more insight and help you to reach your hair goals. Today I'll be giving my top 10 reasons why your hair won't grow. This is not an exhaustive list, meaning these are not the only reasons why your hair may not be growing, but the ones I'm going over today are the most popular and more than likely cover the issues you may be having.

Here is my professional list of reasons as to why your hair won't grow:

  1. Not trimming- Not trimming your hair is one surefire way to feel like your hair is not growing. Why? Because when split ends occur, and they always occur, they need to be cut immediately. When this is not done, they continue to split up the hair shaft. If split ends continue to split that means you will have to get more cut, which of course makes your hair even shorter than you originally planned. Cutting off your split ends is the only way to "fix" them. If this is done on a consistent basis, you'll be able to keep most of your length and see more growth. Even though split ends can not be fixed, there are a few things you can do to prolong, or prevent them. Always using a heat protectant like the Silky Serum Oil, especially on the ends of the hair, can help. Also, keeping the ends moisturized with a hair lotion, like the Satin Moisture Cream, can help you extend your trims from every 6 weeks to every 12-14 weeks.
  2. Not using high-quality products- Believe it or not, the products you use play a major role in your hair care journey. Products that contain things that are harmful to your hair can cause it to dry out and break. Use products like these and stay away from products that include sulfates, parabens, etc.
  3. Too much heat- When flat ironing and/or curling your hair, it is important to do it correctly. You should only be flat ironing your hair with 1-2 passes only. Going over the same piece of hair multiple times, even with the heat on low, can cause premature breakage. Instead cut the flat iron up to a higher temperature that will allow you to go over the hair only once to get the desired look.
  4. Trimming too much- If you are having to get a trim every time you get your hair done, then you are essentially cutting off everything that you grew. Therefore you'll be in a constant state of feeling like your hair isn't growing. It is always growing, but if you are constantly cutting off your growth, you'll always be at the same length or shorter. 
  5. Having the heat tools up too high- In addition to going over the hair with multiple passes with the flat iron, it is also just as important to not have the heat up too high. This will cause the hair to burn, get weaker, and eventually break. One way to tell if the heat is up too high is if you smell burnt hair. If it smells like it's burning, try cutting the heat down a bit.
  6. Constant rubbing in hair- Do you have a habit of rubbing or always playing in your hair? It could be that you always are getting your side-swept bangs out of your face. Or you may be always pulling your hair over to one side. You may not even notice that you do it. Either way, doing this constantly can cause breakage in that area. I had a client who always rubbed her edges with her fingers but never could figure out why they were always much thinner than the rest of her hair. Once I pointed it out to her (because I actually saw her doing it), she became aware of it and started to change. 
  7. Avoiding protective styles- When trying to make your hair reach a new level of length, protective styles are a great thing to help. Braids, for instance, can be left in for sometimes twelve weeks at a time and allow your hair to grow at least an inch and a half without you interfering. This is because with protective styles, you are not touching your hair at all and are simply allowing it to do its own thing, which is grow. This is why many women who wear protective styles all the time have hair down their backs.
  8. Using heat too often- Heat can be your hair's friend if used correctly. Heat should only be used once per week or less. There is never a time when using heat daily is acceptable. Doing this always, always, always leads to breakage.
  9. Not stretching your relaxer- I always stress relaxer stretching. In short, when you don't, some of your hair that has already been relaxed gets overlapped and that leads to.... you guessed it. BREAKAGE! If you are relaxed and are not stretching, I encourage you to start. You'll see a major difference. Try to stretch at least sixteen weeks in between relaxer services, or until you have at least two inches of new growth.
  10. Not protecting your ends- When your ends aren't protected, they split faster, which means you'll have to get it cut sooner. The best way to protect your split ends is by wrapping your hair every night. You can also roll it, or put a satin cap on. And don't forget that the by L. Jones Satin Moisture Cream also helps protect them against dryness.

Once you are able to look at the list above and see what you may or may not be doing to your hair, you'll be well on your way to making the necessary changes to growing your hair and becoming your own hair goals!

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