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Professionally Recommended Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair

Having dry hair is no fun at all! No one likes having hair that looks brittle and dry, so if your hair is prone to dryness you definitely want to handle that immediately.  Here are a few signs that you are experiencing dry scalp/hair:
  • Your hair visibly looks dull and dry
  • Your hair looks/feels brittle
  • You have mild flaking on your scalp
  • Your hair seems like it soaks up any oil or moisture that you put in it
Dry hair should always be kept moisturized

If you are experiencing some or all of the signs listed above here is my recommended regimen for your hair:

  1. Shampoo first with a clarifying shampoo (like this one).  The by L Jones Extreme Clean Clarifying Shampoo is great to use even on dry hair because it is sulfate free, so it will not strip the hair. Although there are not many oils in your hair, it is still important to start with a clean slate. Only do this on the first lather. Rinse thoroughly.  
  2. On the next shampoo, use a deep conditioning or moisturizing shampoo (like this one). Pay close attention to cleansing your scalp, because if your scalp is properly nourished your hair will reap the benefits. Avoid balling your hair up when shampooing. When using a great moisturizing shampoo, (like this one) you will immediately feel your hair being nourished afterwards. 
  3. Apply a deep moisturizing conditioner (like this one) and let sit for about 20-45 minutes, preferably under a hooded dryer.  Allow to cool for 5 additional minutes and rinse with lukewarm or room temperature water. The colder the water is when you rinse the conditioner out, the better.
  4. Apply a leave-in conditioner (I prefer a spray like this one instead of the cream), comb through, and style as usual. Leave-in conditioners give your hair an extra layer of moisture, which is extremely important when trying to get your hair to be more moisturized. Cream-based leave-in conditioners are acceptable when doing styles that don't require a lot of body and movement like twist outs, braid outs, wash and go's, and even rod sets. When wearing styles like silk press, and roller sets, a liquid-based leave-in is best because it won't weigh the hair down.
  5. Apply moisture cream. Just like your skin needs moisture, our hair does as well. This moisture cream is basically like a lotion for the hair. All you need is a small drop (pea size amount) to see a difference. This can be applied as often necessary. Your hair may only need moisture cream 1-2 times a week while others may need it more often. Look and feel your hair to get a better idea of what will work for you. Keep in mind that the more products you apply to your hair, the heavier your hair will become, so always start with less product than you think you need and increase the amount if necessary.
  6. Repeat weekly. You will see a little bit of a difference after doing this routine for the first time, but you'll see more results by being consistent with this routine. Over time you will see and feel your hair become more and more moisturized.

Using great products is key when combating dry hair.  If you are using the right shampoo and conditioner, you will notice that you don't need to use a lot of extra products, like oils and serums, to make your hair shine.  Of course, I recommend my own professional line of salon-quality hair care products, by L. Jones, because they were designed to help those with dry hair.  Here are a few additional instructions to help you to banish that dry hair:
  • Never shampoo your hair with scalding hot water.  This only opens up your cuticle allowing any moisture that is in there to slide right out.
  • Avoid direct heat, or heat from styling tools, if possible.  If this is not possible for you, limit your usage of your styling tools to once per week.  Too much heat has the same effect as using water that is too hot.
  • When using your styling tools (especially flat irons), make sure they are on the right temperature.  They should not be on the highest setting, especially when you are already suffering from dry hair.
  • Repeat your regimen until you see results.  If your hair still seems dry, add a protein treatment (like this one) to your routine every fourth week.

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