Monday, August 21, 2017

The Best Protective Style For Wearing Wigs That Does Not Require Heat Or Braids

We all love a good protective style right? Well since I now have a love for wigs I am always thinking of the best way to protect my real hair underneath. The health of my real hair is always my first priority. So, since I got my relaxer only a short while ago (approximately two months ago) I started wrapping my hair while it was wet and allowing it to completely dry. This is great for me because it is a way that I can keep my hair flat without using any heat or braids. In the past I flat ironed my hair first before wrapping it. Also, braids can sometimes cause tension on the edges and since I am nursing my hair back to health from my edges coming out after having my baby.

This may not work if you are natural and do not have a curl pattern that will allow you to wrap. In that case, braids may be the best option for you. I have a relaxer and do not have any issues (right now) with laying my hair down so this is a great option for me and my personal favorite. This also works if you have short hair because you can just mold it down and get the same outcome.

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