Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Toya's Hair Tips: How Often Should You Get Your Hair Trimmed?

How often should you get your ends trimmed?
Today's Toya's Hair Tip comes from the following question:
How often should I get my hair trimmed?
I always advise my clients to get a trim every 2-3 months. This number depends on if the client wraps their hair at night or not. If you wrap your hair every night, you can get trims probably every 3, sometimes even 4 months. This is because your ends are being protected on a daily basis, so they do not split as fast as the would if you did not wrap it. If you do not wrap your hair at night then when you lay down the friction of your hair rubbing against whatever you are laying on (couch, bed, floor, etc) causes your ends to split much faster which results in you needing trims more often. So if your hairstylist is always telling you that you need a trim, this may be why. Well, I hope this helps you in your hair care journey! Happy trimming!

Click below to view the video for this week's Toya's Tip:

how often should you get your hair trimmed


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