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How Long Do Silk Presses Last? || Relaxed vs. Natural Hair

How long do silk presses last?

Every time I do a silk press, the client always falls in love with their silky straight hair.  The very next question is always, "How long will this last?".  Well, the answer depends on the person and the weather.  We all want to get the most out of our hairstyles but we also have to be realistic.  By definition, your relaxer free hair will naturally convert back to its original state (unless it has been heat damaged but that is another post altogether) but the time it takes to do that depends on several things.

First, if you even think about humidity your hair will begin to revert back.  I'm kidding, but you get my point.  If you live in a humid environment, or if it rains for the next week in your area, you can rely on the fact that unless you do not leave the house at all, your hair may only last for a few days.  If you take a hot shower or bath, as most women like their showers and baths pretty hot, and forget to wrap your hair up good, it will also revert back.  If you are at a pool party or at the beach and someone dunks you in the water, you can most definitely hang it up.  Also, if you sweat in your scalp your hair will also start curling back up.

Before & after silk press

However, if you have perfect weather in your area for at least 2-3 weeks straight, wrap your hair every single night, and do everything else right, your silk press will at least last you 1-2 weeks.  After week one once your hair starts accumulating oils it will not be as bouncy, and after week 2 it will be time to shampoo (preferably with Silk Hydration products) your hair again.  So ultimately how long a silk press lasts depends on you and your environment.  I think everyone should shampoo their hair after one week (with Silk Hydration products) but I know some people like to stretch it out to two weeks. I wouldn't recommend stretching it out any further than that.

I once had someone tell me that their silk press was doing so good and lasting so long.  I knew it had been a while since the last time I saw this person so I looked back at my appointment book to see the date of the last appointment.  It had been SIX weeks ago! Don't do this!  I understand many of you like to get your money's worth out of your hairstyle but come on.  Her hair should have been shampooed at least three times since then.

To maintain your silk press all you have to do is wrap it.  If you are like me and sleep pretty soundly at night, it may take more than one scarf to wrap your hair.  I personally use three things when wrapping my hair at night.  I use two wrap caps that are open in the top, one to cover the middle section and one to cover up the nape a.k.a kitchen.  Then I take my scarf and tie it over both of the other two.  This makes my hair stay in place and avoid all of the random pieces of hair that stick up from coming out of the scarf.

Before & after silk press

So, in general, how long will a silk press last? My answer would be 1-2 weeks.

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  1. This was very helpful to me, I just didn't my daughters hair a week ago and I was ready to wash it.Thanks for the info

  2. How often should you get your hair silk pressed?

  3. WOW...thank you so much for sharing. I've been getting the silk Press since October....and as you have said I wash my hair and I'm able to keep it up myself... went back to the salon on yesterday for a touch-up...will wash in 2-3 weeks.

  4. And how often should I do silk press per year?


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