Monday, September 26, 2022

While I Deep Condition | Fall Patio Decor

It is very rare that I sit under the dryer when I am deep conditioning. Instead, I do other things that require my attention around the house. Today I decided to decorate my patio for the fall which involved a quick trip to my amazon storefront! For the deep conditioning, I used the by L. Jones Intense Moisturizing Treatment. Since I have relaxed hair, I deep condition with this at least twice per month in order to prevent breakage, add moisture, and keep my hair full of body and bounce. If I were to sit under the dryer, I would sit for 30-45 minutes. Instead, I'll be letting my body heat do the work and allow the Intense Moisturizing Treatment to sit for a few hours while I decorate my patio.

For the patio, I wanted to make it look like I was at a vacation home. The goal was to create a warm and inviting, yet relaxing atmosphere. I also wanted to have a place where my husband and I could possibly have a nice romantic dinner.

First I started with the seating area. I originally had the entire area spread out but decided to have all of the pieces in a row and got a larger rug to make the area look larger. I originally had a 5x7 rug, but got this 8x10 and it made a huge difference. And this is a very similar seating area that complimented the rug very well. I love the fact that ottomans come with the set so we can sit back and put our feet up. I also preferred a couch with neutral-colored cushions so that I could always change out the decorative pillows to my liking. I like my burnt orange color because it is the perfect fall color.

Next, I wanted the centerpiece for the table to pop. I got this round serving tray and added a large candle pillar that could add three flameless candles (remote included). As for the vase and the florals, I'm unsure where I purchased them but I had them around the house and saw that they would be perfect on the serving tray. But I also added this decorative ashtray just in case we may have guests that want to smoke. And of course I had to get this comfy egg chair, although I added my own decorative pillow.

When being on the patio, our pups like to join us so of course I had to get a pet bed for them as well. I got mine from Home Goods, but here is a similar one. Also, I added this cooler (that actually matched the pet bed) so we won't have to go in and out of the house to grab something cold to drink.

For the seating area, I already had this outdoor bar, so all I had to do was get these bar chairs and they matched perfectly! Then for a little extra razzle dazzle, I decided to add this tabletop firepit. And because a plain tabletop firepit just won't do, I added these rose gold fire rocks to elevate the look. Now I have the perfect table to enjoy a nice dinner.

Here is a better view of the entire table.

And to top everything off, I had to add these string patio lights and I got this remote control/dimmer to go with it. I had to also get these hooks to hold the lights up. Here is the overall look. I love the way everything turned out because the end result turned out to be exactly as I imagined!

Now, I can go finish my hair!


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