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8 Hairstyles That Will Help You Relaxer Stretch


We have already established that relaxer stretching is key to having healthy relaxed hair. Many women can manage their hair perfectly fine up until the eight-week mark. I am aware, however, that it can be difficult for many women to manage two textures while stretching. For this reason, I am giving you a few styles that will help. That way, rather than getting your relaxer too soon, you can do a few of these styles to help you stretch.

The first style that is relaxer stretching friendly is a wig. I personally think everyone should have at least one good wig. We all have bad hair days every now and then, so it would be great to have a wig on standby. I have plenty of them ranging from bob length to waist length. Wigs are also a great way to play with color. If you get/have a wig, be sure to maintain it using these products.

If you are on the fence about wigs, clip-ins could be another way. I install my clip-ins like a traditional sew-in. By that, I mean that I braid down with the exception of my leave out. Then I attach the clip-ins to my braids. This style can last anywhere between two weeks and a month. I typically apply this oil to my scalp and spray this braid spray on my scalp for maintenance.

Rods are another way to stretch your relaxer and hide your new growth. This style will give you at least two weeks to stretch while still allowing you to look cute. For maintenance, I simply put on this bonnet at night.

An even easier style to maintain other than rods is a rodded updo, or any updo for that matter. They are super cute, easy to maintain, and last up to two weeks. I maintain mine by putting this wrap cap around the edges and back, then put a bonnet on top.

Braids are an absolute favorite protective style of mine and are excellent for relaxer stretching. They will last you anywhere from four to eight weeks. I typically leave mine in for the full eight weeks. This means you can get them right at eight weeks after your touch up and they will last you until touch-up time rolls back around. And the maintenance is minimal to none. I spray mine with leave-in conditioner, oil my scalp, and put a bonnet on. Easy! No cute sleeping required!

If you do not want to commit to months of wearing braids, you can also get feed-ins straight back. These do not last as long as knotless or individual braids but they still provide you with at least two-three weeks of relaxer stretching.

Buns are one of the easiest styles to do on your own. You can also do them in a variety of ways, ranging from messy, to neat, to using a sock, or using braid hair. The choice is yours. These are great at hiding your new growth, and can easily be maintained with a satin wrap cap and satin scarf.

My last recommendation for relaxer stretching is a ponytail. I prefer a faux ponytail and I usually use two bundles of kinky straight hair to match my new growth. The only warning I would provide when wearing ponytails is to not wear them in the same spot for more than a week. It could lead to breakage if too much tension is placed in the same spot repeatedly.

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