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7 Reasons Why Your Ends Are Splitting

Just about every client I have does not like split ends. And, they don't like getting trims either. This often prompts the question of what causes the ends to split anyway. Well, I will say that once the ends have split, there is only one way to fix them, and that is to get them cut. There are no products that will mend the hairs back together permanently. It is also important to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to avoid the hair continuing to split up the hair shaft. Split ends may not be avoidable, but there are some things you can do to prolong them from coming so fast, which means fewer trims are required. Here are seven reasons why your ends are splitting.

1. Vigorous rubbing- When shampooing your hair, be very gentle when drying your hair with a towel. Vigorous rubbing can cause the ends to split. Even if you use a t-shirt to dry your hair, the same principle applies. Be gentle! Wrap the towel around your wet hair and gently squeeze the hair to remove excess moisture.

2. Tangled hair- Improperly detangling the hair is another cause of split ends. Avoid pulling the hair when detangling. Instead, use a wide tooth comb and start from the ends of the hair and gently work your way up to the roots. Also, use a great detangler (like this one) to help make the process easier.

3.  Dry hair- Dry hair causes split ends AND breakage. Two things that no one wants! To avoid dry hair, deep condition regularly and consistently, not just when you think your hair is dry. I recommend deep conditioning at least twice per month (with this deep conditioner). If you have damaged hair that needs to be repaired in addition to being moisturized, try this treatment. Also, applying by L. Jones Satin Moisture Treatment lightly to your ends will prevent them from splitting as fast by preventing them from drying out.

4. Improper heat usage- Heat is not your hair's enemy, but using it the wrong way is. Using heat the wrong way includes flat ironing the same piece of hair more than twice, having the heating tool up too high, using heat more than once per week, and constantly blow-drying the hair. To avoid this, be sure to use a flat iron (like this one) with really good plates and one that you can control the heat. And always use heat protectant (like this one) before applying heat directly to the hair. Also either sit under a hooded dryer or let your hair air dry versus blow drying it all of the time.

5. Frequent brushing/combing- Back in the day people used to say that if you brush your hair at least 100 times a day that it would grow faster. This is wrong. In fact, frequent brushing can cause your ends to split. After you have styled your hair, leave it alone. Also, avoid constantly playing in your hair, and remember to only touch your hair with clean hands.

6. Not wrapping- When you do not wrap your hair, that means that your hair is rubbing against whatever you lay on, lean on, or lounge on. This constant rubbing causes friction that results in split ends. Instead of waiting until bedtime to wrap your hair, go ahead and do it as soon as you get home and know that you are not going anywhere else. Working from home? Even better! Simply keep your hair tied up until you are ready to leave the house. Honestly speaking, my hair thrived when we were on lockdown because I actually had plenty of time to give it the tlc it needed. After the lockdown, I made the time. Don't have everything you need? Don't worry, scarves, bonnets, wrap caps, etc are all available here.

7. Frequent chemical services- Getting chemical services too soon causes overlapping. This includes both relaxers and permanent color. Over time, that overlapped hair makes its way to the ends of your hair and by the time it gets there, split ends have occurred. To avoid this, space out relaxer AND color services. I recommend waiting for at least 14-16 weeks for relaxers or until you have at least two inches of new growth. Be sure to also take care of any chemically treated hair with these products.

Now that you know seven reasons why your ends are splitting, is there any reason listed above that you are guilty of doing? If so, it's ok, simply change your routine so that you can prevent/prolong your ends from splitting and keep more of your length.

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