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How To Use Braids & Weave To Help Your Hair Grow

One way to definitely help your hair grow is through protective styling. A lot of the time we don't notice that our hair is growing because we see it every day. However, someone that may have not seen you in a while will comment that your hair looks longer. The truth is that your hair is constantly growing every single day. And although the rate of growth is very slow, it is steadily gaining length all of the time. Getting braids and sew ins is a great way to help your hair grow.

Whether you like braids or you prefer a sew in, as long as they are installed properly they are a great way to get some noticeably significant growth. A typical sew in can last about three months which can yield about 1.5-2 inches of new growth!  The same for individual braids like box braids, knotless braids, and faux locs. Beware though, if your stylist places too much tension on your hair while installing, especially on your edges, it will create the reverse effect and can actually make your hair come out instead of grow. Things NOT to do when getting your weave services include:

  • Make sure they are not too tight!- I can not stress this enough. I have seen over and over again where a client has come to me whose edges are completely gone, yes I mean it is completely BALD right there! Don't be that client that has to learn the hard way.  If your stylist is putting your weave in or braiding your hair and it is too tight, speak up! Don't sit and say nothing then go home and start praying that they will loosen up soon without causing damage.
  • Keep the stress to a minimum- In this case I'm referring to stress on the hair follicle. Sometimes, especially if you are getting braids, they can be heavy.  If this is the case, particularly around the edges, this can also cause your edges to come out. Don't do this. Instead tell your stylist to make smaller braids around the edges so your hair can handle it.  
  • Keep them in too long- Trying to get every single penny's worth out of your braids is not a good idea.  I would recommend keeping braids and sew ins no longer than three months.  After that there is a good chance that your hair can start to get matted and even start to smell.  If your hair becomes matted it will more than likely have to be cut which is the exact opposite of what you want.
  • Neglect your hair- Just because you have a protective style does not mean that you should neglect taking care of your hair. There are a few things you should do (see video below). You should should still moisturize it with a leave in conditioner (like this one) and be sure to oil your scalp (preferably with this). If you plan on keeping your braids for more than two weeks you should shampoo and condition your hair (with these types of products) while your hair is still braided.
Now that we've seen what not to do, you can safely and confidently get your braids and weave expecting to see lots of growth when you take it down. Also if you put chemicals and/or heat in your hair on a regular basis wearing weave is a great way to give your hair a break from that. If you have relaxed hair, getting a protective style is also a great way to stretch your relaxer until it's time for your touch up. This is why I get braids at least once per year for a few weeks.

Remember, everything that we do to our hair should be healthy and help it improve. Anything that looks cute at the time but causes damage down the line should never even be considered. And as always, never use glue on your hair for any weave service.

If you decide to get braids, here is a video on how to take care of them while you have them in.



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