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Tips For Determining If Your Hairstylist Is Right For You

Everyone has certain things that they like or don't like about the type of stylist they choose.  Most women are very selective and particular about hairstylists and when they find one that they like, they become very loyal to that stylist because that particular stylist is who they trust with their hair. And to be honest, a lot of hairstylists (myself included) are also selective when it comes to their clients.  We try very hard to avoid extremely difficult clients, clients who are prone to pulling no call no shows, are constantly late, are never pleased with anything, etc. I typically receive new clients on a regular basis, so I would like to take the time out to explain to all of my newly welcomed clients as well as any potential future clients how I run L. Jones Salon. The characteristics that I list below will give more insight on me and how I operate.  If you are currently in the market for a new hairstylist, you can use this as a guide to determine what you are looking for in a hairstylist as well.

About Promptness:
  • I recognize that your time is valuable and I respect that. I am very good about seeing my clients at the designated appointment time.  If your appointment is at 9am, I am not that stylist that will have you waiting until noon before I start on you.  You can count on being seen at 9. If I am running behind, it may be no more than 15 minutes but I will communicate that with you.
  • If you are my client and you know that you can not get to your appointment on time, I ask to be notified as soon as possible. For clients that are 20 minutes late or more, typically the appointment will need to be rescheduled simply because it will cut into the next client's appointment.
  • I do not have clients waiting all day to be serviced nor do my clients have to plan on being in the salon all day for a hair appointment. Depending on the service requested most of my clients can plan on being in and out in 1 hour. More time is needed for more in depth services. When scheduling appointments online, the approximate time to perform this service will be shown give an idea of how long the client can expect to be serviced.
About Scheduling:
  • I normally give the option to schedule online in order to make it as convenient as possible, but due to COVID19, appointments are taken manually via email as of right now.
  • When scheduling online, appointments can be booked for the next two months. Appointments can also be cancelled online as well.
  • I ask for at least a 24 hour notice when cancelling appointments. This is so I will have ample time to get someone else to fill that spot.
  • For clients that fail to cancel their appointment and do not show up, a fee will be charged on the first occurrence. If a no call/no show happens more than once, the client will not be allowed to return.
About Kids' Hair:
  • Many stylists do not service children. I do children's hair under certain conditions. If the child is extremely tender-headed or you know your child will not sit in the chair I ask that you wait until the child is ready to come to the salon.
  • Services for children are the same price as adults. The reason for this is because I give children's hair the same quality of care and use the same products that I use on adults. Also, many children typically have more hair than many adults! For this reason, all services are the same price for everyone, regardless of age.
  • Some mothers prefer to run errands while their child is being serviced. I do not mind children that are being serviced to be dropped off until services are finished, however, once notification is sent that the child is ready, the parent should be there within ten minutes.  
About Pricing:
  • I know that I provide quality service and use the best products, therefore my prices reflect that.  My prices are competitive to other stylists in my area and skill level.
  • Pricing and a list of services are located at:
About New Clients:
  • I am normally always taking new clients, but due to COVID19 I am not taking new clients at the moment. 
About My Products:
  • I have created my own hair care line, by L. Jones, that is salon grade and full of high quality ingredients. I primarily use these products in the salon unless doing a relaxer or permanent hair color.
  • I use Design Essentials, Mizani Butter Blend and Nairobi relaxers. I also use the corresponding shampoo and conditioner to the lines because I believe the products work better when you use the entire line.
About My Services:
  • I service relaxed as well as natural hair, although the majority of my natural clients get a silk press. 
  • My focus is primarily on hair care. I am considered a hair care specialist so I do not do anything to the hair that compromises it's integrity or health.

I am a hairstylist that is easy going, professional, a good listener, confidential, and I put the health of your hair first. I enjoy people and I love my job! If you are looking for a new hairstylist, the advice I would give is to do your research on the possible stylist first. Just about everyone is on social media now so look at their social media pages. Study their work. Do you like what you see? Listen to how they talk. Do they talk at all about hair care or is the focus mainly on styling?

Once you feel confident that you want to visit the stylist, reach out! Don't be afraid to ask any questions that you may have. I have had clients who told me that they had been watching me for MONTHS before the actually decided to make an appointment. Then, there have been others who took one look at one of my other client's hair and booked an appointment right then. The timing of when you feel comfortable is up to you. There is no right or wrong amount of time.

I tell people all the time that getting a new hairstylist can be compared to a blind date. You don't know if it will be the right fit until you actually go. Many times it may be a perfect match. Other times it may not be, and that is ok! Everyone is unique and all personalities do not blend well. But once you find what you consider to be the perfect stylist for you, keep them!

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