Monday, July 17, 2023

Relaxer Stretching Tips

Many people have asked me how I manage to get my relaxed hair to be so healthy. The main key to having healthy relaxed hair is relaxer stretching. The definition of relaxer stretching is basically going longer than the standard of six to eight weeks when it comes to getting a touch-up. So, why is it important to relaxer stretch? Because when getting a relaxer touch-up, about an average of two inches of hair gets processed. That means that in order for you to avoid overlapping and over-processing, you should grow two inches of hair before getting another relaxer touch-up. It takes an average of four months (sixteen weeks) to grow two inches of hair. This is why I recommend going at least sixteen weeks before getting a touch-up or until you have two inches of hair. 

When you start relaxer stretching you will see a drastic change in the health of your relaxed hair. It will look thicker and it will be much stronger. Your styles will even look better. I want to give you some tips for relaxer stretching that will make it easier for you to stretch. If you are new to relaxer stretching, it could be tough at first. But once you get the hang of it, and once you see your hair become healthier, it will get much easier for you to manage your hair even when you have lots of new growth. Here are 5 tips to help you stretch your relaxer.

  1. Stop saying that you can't!- Whether you know it or not, you have the power of life and death in your tongue according to the bible. When you constantly say you can't do something, guess what? You won't! First, start telling yourself that you can and will make an effort to get healthier hair by stretching your relaxers way past six weeks. 
  2. Start slowly- If you are in the habit of getting your relaxers at a certain amount of time it isn't easy to break that habit, but it can be done. Stop thinking about the entirety of sixteen weeks and simply take it week to week.
  3. Soften your new growth- It will be much easier to manage your new growth when it is softened. You can soften it with conditioners (like this one and this one) and leave-in conditioner like this.
  4. Do protective styles- Don't be afraid of protective styles to help get you to the two-inch mark. They are lifesavers when you feel like you can't handle your new growth.
  5. Incorporate reconstructive treatments- If you feel like your hair breaks when you stretch it out, then your hair needs extra strength. Protein gives your hair strength so reconstructive treatments like this one will make your hair much stronger and help you to stretch much longer without losing lots of hair.

Remember, you can do anything you put your mind to! Try to focus on the fact that your overall goal is healthier hair. And make sure you keep me posted on your progress! 


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  1. Six months is serious! Can t you show some good hairstyles to do While stretching over 4 months? I dont Want to hide My hair under a wig as i think it is beautiful enough to show. But i struggle with Comming up with good ideas for both Office and party when there are so much new growth to mix with the relaxed parts.



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