Thursday, May 7, 2020

Top 5 Foods You Need To Eat To Help Grow Your Hair FASTER!

Being both a professional hairstylist AND a relaxed hair blogger, I would say that the question that I get asked more than any other question is how to make the hair grow fast. Well, in addition to using bomb products (like these), another way is to also eat certain foods. It is true that what you eat (or don't eat) has a direct correlation with the healthiness of your hair. Just like eating healthy will help your body, it will also benefit your hair. Here are my list of the top five foods that will help your hair grow even faster.

1. Eggs- Eggs are a power food when it comes to your hair. They contain both biotin AND protein. Biotin is great for growth and protein helps strengthen the hair. I personally try to eat eggs every morning for breakfast in some way, shape, or fashion. If you don't like eggs, try recipes where you can't really taste the eggs like French toast. That way, you'll still get the benefits without having to actually taste it.

2. Spinach- Spinach includes a ton of essential nutrients like iron, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin C. All of these nutrients contribute to hair growth. A deficiency in any of these nutrients can result in hair loss so it is very important to make sure your body has all of the nutrients that it needs. I love spinach because in its raw form it tastes just like lettuce but has so much more nutritional benefits. I include it in my smoothies every time I make one.

3. Berries- Berries, like strawberries, contain lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C has lots of antioxidants which help protect the hair from free radicals, which can cause damage to the hair. Just one cup of strawberries contains 141% of your daily vitamin C needs. Also, vitamin C is known to help with protect hair from brittleness and breakage. Who knew that a simple cup of berries a day can keep the breakage away?!

4. Salmon- Salmon and some other fatty fish include omega 3 and antioxidants that are linked to hair growth and hair density. Hair density refers to the hair's thickness. Salmon is my favorite fish and I have even gotten my son which is a picky eater to love it.

5. Sweet peppers- Sweet pepper contains vitamins A and C, which we have learned contribute towards hair growth. The yellow peppers contain five times more vitamin C than the orange. In addition to containing antioxidants, vitamin C also helps with collagen production, which helps make the hair strands stronger. Vitamin A helps the hair to produce sebum, which is the hair's natural oil that creates on its own which helps the hair strands stay lubricated and moisturized.

(Bonus) Beans- Beans contain zinc, which helps with the growth cycle and also helps repair the hair. They also contain folate, iron, and biotin. I love adding black beans to my tacos, taco salads, nachos, etc. They taste great AND are great for your hair so that's a win, win.

I love to get recipes where I can incorporate many of these foods at the same time. I use Pinterest to look up different recipes. I even sneak a lot of the foods into my recipes so my kids won't notice! You can do this a well if you see a food on the list that you don't particularly like. Puree it to include it in your recipes and you won't even notice its there, especially in foods with sauces like spaghetti and lasagna. Any way you can incorporate these foods into your diet, do it. Not only will your entire body benefit, but you will see drastic improvements in your hair.

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