Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How To Get Your Hair To Grow & Become Healthier In 8 Weeks By Cutting Out Heat | No Heat Challenge | Week 1

I have spoken to many women who put heat in their hair way more often than they should, some every day, without even thinking twice about causing any damage to the hair.  Then they turn right around and ask me why their hair is breaking and doesn't seem like it is growing. Of course, for a professional hairstylist the answer may seem quite obvious, but I have learned to not assume what people may or may not know. As a healthy hair expert it is my job to educate women on proper hair care etiquette so I simply err on the side of caution and teach like it is your first time hearing it.

I have seen hair grow quite well when heat is removed from the equation, because as mentioned earlier, it can often be misused and have the adverse effect of causing damage. So, for the next eight weeks I am going to be doing a no heat challenge where I will be styling my hair for basically two months straight without using a flat iron or curling iron. This is a great way to give your hair a break and allow it to have a bit of a growth spurt.

This week I am doing a curly, rodded updo. I chose this style because I am five months post relaxer so my new growth is literally out of control. With rods, I can easily blend the two textures without relying on heat. I chose to do an updo to make it easier for me to maintain and because this week I preferred a style that was not touching my neck (Alabama weather in the summer is no joke)!

Products I used from the by L. Jones line were:

I set my hair on some flexi rods (blue and orange), let it dry, then pinned it up. For a detailed tutorial on how to flexi rod your own hair click here. The same technique is used but on blue and orange rollers, and instead of leaving it down, simply pull it up with bobby pins.

This style did great although I did have to touch it up on day two. Check out the video below to see exactly what I'm talking about.
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Click here for the full video.


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