Monday, October 22, 2018

[Series] Can my relaxed hair be healthy? | week 7

Welcome to week seven of the "Can my relaxed hair be healthy" series! Every year I say that I'm not going to do another relaxer stretching series, yet every year I seem to begin another one! This week (see last week here) I decided to wear my hair straight because I have been doing "no heat" styles for the past five weeks and I have been missing my straight hair. So, I broke out my Toi by L. Jones flat iron, my Silky Serum Oil, and let the magic happen. One thing I love about stretching my relaxers is that the further along I get in my stretch, my hair looks better and better while straight. When the hair is freshly relaxed, it is almost too straight, which is why I always like to leave some texture in my hair. That texture gives the hair its body and movement.

The products: The products used this week came from by L. Jones Products. I used the following:

The process:

First, I shampooed my hair twice with the Extreme Clean Shampoo. Since I know I'll be wearing my hair straight, I want to remove it from anything that could potentially weigh it down. Next I conditioned with the Replenishing Conditioner to add the moisture back to the hair. Once I rinsed that out, I then sprayed generously with the by L. Jones Leave-In Conditioner. After that, I blow dried with a very small amount (dime sized) of the Silky Serum Oil. This gives the hair that automatic shine when flat ironing. To finish, I sprayed (sparingly) some Miracle Potion no9 on the hair.

The maintenance:

The maintenance is one of the things I love about flat ironing my hair! All I did was wrap it with my satin scarf every night. I did not apply any more heat to my hair for the remainder of the week.

The video:

Check out the video for this week here.


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