Thursday, September 13, 2018

[SERIES] Can my relaxed hair be healthy? | Week 1

Today is RELAXER DAY and marks the first week of the new series, "Can my relaxed hair be healthy". I could not wait to get my relaxer today since this was the longest stretch I have done to date. It has been over nine months since my last relaxer! I only went over six months this time simply because I had braids and there was no point in getting a relaxer when I knew my hair was going to be braided up anyway so the braids is the one and only reason I stretched my relaxer for so long. I say all the time that relaxed hair can be healthy as long as it is properly cared for.

The first thing I want to mention today is The Healthy Relaxed Hair Journal, which I created for relaxed women to take better care of their relaxed hair. With this journal, you are able to write down your routine for your relaxed hair so that you can visibly see areas where you may need more help. It contains a year's worth of journal entries and is designed to help you make healthier hair care choices with your relaxed hair. I will be using the journal for my stretches and encourage you to get your own so that you can journal along with me.

For relaxer day I decided to go with a roller set in order to avoid excessive heat right after getting my relaxer. I chose to do it on the large rollers because I didn't want a curly style, I wanted it to be straight with just a slight bump on the ends. After rolling my hair, I took the rollers out and wrapped it to ensure it would not be too curly.

For maintenance I simply wrap it up daily with a simply satin scarf. I do not apply heat this week at all!

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