Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Toya's Hair Tips: How Do I Protect My Hair While Working Out

Today's Toya's Tip come from the following question:

"How do I protect my hair when I work out?"

I get this question all the time! We women want to look cute AND be able to work out AT THE SAME DANG TIME! And for many of us it is very possible. If you are like me and do not sweat in your scalp, then I simply suggest wrapping your hair while you work out. I personally sweat everywhere but my scalp so as long as my hair is wrapped when I work out, I'm good. I know however, that not everyone is like me.

If you sweat in your scalp I recommend putting your hair into a ponytail (not a bun). Once you have your hair in a ponytail, I suggest putting on your silk scarf around the edges and back. This way when you work out and your scalp gets wet, your edges will be laid down. From this point all you have to do is blow dry your roots only because your ends should not be wet. After that, you can wrap your hair and leave it wrapped for at least 20 minutes before unwrapping.

If your hair is too short to put in a ponytail you can still pull it back and tie your edges down. You can also still wrap it the same way once you are done with the workout. The key thing I want you to remember is to not put heat in your hair on a daily basis as a result of you working out. Please check out the video for this week to hear me go into more detail about what to do with your hair while working out.

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