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5 Telltale Signs That It Is Time To Shampoo Your Hair Immediately

5 Telltale Signs That It Is Time To Shampoo Your Hair Immediately

As a professional hairstylist, a lot of my clients ask me how often or when should they shampoo their hair. Since everyone's hair is different, I can't give one distinct answer. I can however, give you a few signs to know when it's time.  From that, you can develop your own custom time schedule of when you need to shampoo your hair.  For me that time period is every week, or once every seven days although sometimes I get too lazy and try to push it to ten days.  Here are a few signs that your hair will give you when it's time for a shampoo.

  1. Your hair no longer has body- Once your hair goes lifeless on you and you no longer have the "gone with the wind fabulous" hair it is more than likely time for it to be thoroughly cleansed.  That goes for weave as well as your natural hair.  It does that when there is a lot of product build up and residue on the hair.  The hair becomes weighed down and will only move if you vigorously shake your head.  And unless you are trying to get a headache, who has time for that?
  2. Your scalp starts itching- This is another sign that your hair is ready for some shampoo and water.  Once your scalp starts itching every few minutes its definitely time to shampoo your hair. For me this begins to happen around day five, but by day seven I can't take it anymore.
  3. Your hair feels oily to the touch- This happens because your hair makes its own oil called sebum naturally plus we add other products to our hair which causes it to become super oily after so many days. Once this happens, the hair gets weighed down (see item #1) and somewhat greasy to the touch.  I hate that feeling! That is how my hair used to feel when I would shampoo every two weeks. Thus the reason I switched to shampooing every one week.
  4. You notice flaking- This is mostly for dry hair ladies.  Once you notice that your scalp starts flaking or once you notice flakes on your shirt after combing your hair, it's time to shampoo.  Even when you use a dandruff shampoo, you have to use it on a regular basis for it to be the most effective.  If you only use it every once in a while, you will think that it doesn't work.
  5. Your hair has been exposed to certain elements- Even if you are on a certain schedule like every week or every two weeks when you shampoo your hair, you may have to make changes according to what your hair is exposed to.  If you are at the family bbq and around a lot of smoke, you definitely want to shampoo that out of your hair.  The same goes for if you go to the beach or get in a swimming pool that contains chlorine.  Chlorine can be very damaging to the hair so if your hair is exposed to certain elements, you want to shampoo immediately to avoid any damage to the hair.

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Now that you know when you should shampoo, lather up!  And don't forget to use your favorite by L. Jones products on shampoo day!

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