Thursday, July 27, 2017

How To Grow Your REAL Hair While Wearing Wigs (week 23)

How To Grow Your REAL Hair While Wearing Wigs (week 23) 
We are finally here! Week 23 means that this is basically the last week of the series. There will be only one more video for week 24 and after that this series is over. It is actually hard to believe that it has been SIX months!  This week I did not shampoo my hair simply because the braids underneath still look great and I know I'll have to take it down next week anyway to completely straighten it. So, I moisturized my scalp this week with the Stimulating Growth Oil in addition to spraying some of the Leave-In Conditioner on it. This helps prevent any drying of the hair and scalp.

Throughout the entire series I always tie my braids up with my scarf while I sleep. This not only helps to keep the braids looking neat but also helps prevent any friction from rubbing up against the fabric on my sheets which can lead to split ends faster. It is important to always preserve the hair in some way at night to protect your ends even if your hair is not down. At the very least get a satin  or silk pillowcase because they are fantastic on the hair.

Check out the video for this week here:


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