Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To Grow Your REAL Hair While Wearing Weave (week 17)

Welcome to week 17! This series has gone on for over four months now so my weeks are running together at this point. Forgive me for getting my weeks messed up. On the video for the week I say this is week 16 but I did week 16 video and blog post last week! Now that I have that cleared up, this week I took my hair down. It had been up for three weeks and at this point I could not even see the scalp nor the braid! It looked a mess, but it definitely was protected, that much I can say! Since it has been three weeks since I last shampooed my hair, I can expect three weeks worth of shedding. Remember, the longer you have your hair up, the more shedding you can expect. This is because although your hair is braided, it's still shedding even while braided up. Once you take your hair down you see the actual accumulation of all of the shed hair come out at once.

Since I am coming from the water park I definitely wanted to use the Extreme Clean shampoo first. This gets all of dirt, oils, and product residue off of my hair and gives me a clean slate. Next I used the Extreme Moisture shampoo to start adding the good moisture back into the hair. I then used the Intense Moisture Treatment to deep condition the hair and make it extra soft. After letting the treatment sit for about an hour I rinsed, towel dried, and sprayed my hair with the Leave-In Conditioner before I blow dried my hair. Lastly I went and had it braided.

The pictures above are of me in the wig unit I wore for the week.

Check out the video below:

Click here


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