Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How To Grow Your Real Hair While Wearing Wigs (18)

Photo cred: Bryce Cameron Photography
This week was somewhat of a cheat week. I did not shampoo my hair this week for the simple fact that it had only been braided up for one week and the braids were still holding up just fine. It was my original plan to shampoo my hair every week but that plan went to the left after I started letting others braid it. I found that the braids were still in good shape after one week and I also did not want that tension on my edges every week. When I braid it myself it is fine to shampoo weekly because I braid my own hair on the loose side so there was hardly any tension at all on the edges.

To keep my braids and scalp moisturized I applied my oil on it. What I love about my oil is that it comes with a dropper so that you can put the oil exactly where it needs to be. After that I sprayed some of the Silk Hydration Leave-In Conditioner on the braids (lightly). This also helps keep the hair moisturized which also helps reduce shedding when taking the braids down.

Hair extensions from: www.ljoneshaircollection.com
This is the wig unit that I wore for the week. I love wearing Lauryn because she can be worn straight but she also waves up when she gets wet. She holds curls really well and is the perfect vacation hair!

Check out the video for week 18 below:


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