Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Stretch Your Relaxer Past 6 Weeks (Week 17)

For week 17, and for most of the remaining weeks after that, I decided that from here on out I will be doing my hair straight down. This is because as my new growth gets more and more out of hand it is harder for me to keep up with and I will also throw a bit of laziness into the equation as well. It is much easier for me to do just straight down and be done so straight hair it is. 

This week I began by shampooing (twice) with the Extreme Clean Shampoo. This was done to ensure that all product build up and residue was removed from the hair.  I followed that up with the Replenishing Conditioner. Once I rinsed the Replenishing Conditioner, I then generously applied the Leave-In before detangling. Once all of the hair was detangled, I then put a few rollers just at the top of my hair to give a bit of volume. I prefer a little volume versus having the hair completely flat to my head. Once my hair was about 50% dry, I then blow dried it the rest of the way before I began the flat iron process.

The face of someone who is happy the relaxer stretch is almost over!

Once I finished flat ironing the hair, I wrapped it up and left it wrapped until I was ready to leave the house. At that point I unwrapped it and for maintenance I wrapped it nightly.

Check out the week 17 video:


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  1. The longest I have gone has been 16 weeks. I would like to go longer but wondering will wearing braids throughout the stretch cause any problems? Not exceeding 2-3.


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