Thursday, September 22, 2016

How To Get Your Relaxed Hair Healthier by Stretching (week 13)

week 13-how to stretch your relaxer for healthier relaxed hair

Today marks week 13 of the series! Now the weeks seem to be flying by. Remember, the more new growth you have, the easier it will be to maintain it because it's longer. The longer it is, the easier it is to flat iron it and get straight. When your new growth is only a fourth on an inch long, it is very difficult to grip it or grasp it. This week I decided to do rods and have lots of curls so that I would not have to apply any heat this week. So, that means I did not have any heat applied from any source, including the blow dryer and flat iron.

rods on relaxed hair

This week, the products I used included the following:

I made sure to use the moisturizing shampoo and leave the conditioner on for longer than normal this time. Since I was wearing rods, I wanted to be sure to add a lot of moisture packed items so that my curls would have shine without me having to put a lot of extra product on it. Also, even though I have about two inches of new growth I did not want that to be very evident. So, using the products to soften the new growth made it soft enough to blend in with the relaxed hair, thus giving the illusion of only one texture of hair instead of two.

rodding relaxed hair

After I rolled my hair up, I realized that I did not have my sit up under dryer (or so I thought). So, I let it air dry pretty much all day. I did try to dry it with the blow dryer for about five minutes before I realized that it was not helping much. I knew I wasn't going anywhere so I just let it dry on its own time. After a few hours I took the rollers out to make sure they were all dry and tied my edges up so that they could lay down. I did not pull the curls out because I wanted them to look fresh the next day.

healthy relaxed hair protective style

During the rest of the week, I maintained it by rolling it back up an night. This allowed the curls to last much longer. If you have no interest in doing this, you can simply put your satin cap on and go on your merry way. Be careful not to lay directly on it because it will smash your curls.

Check out the week 13 video:


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