Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Only Getting A "Baby Trim" or "Dusting The Ends" Is Not Enough

Why getting a baby trim or dusting the ends is not enough

This is a client that I had come to my salon for the first time. She wanted a silk press and to have her ends "trimmed". I put trim in quotation marks because sometimes we use the words trim and cut interchangeably but to me they do not mean the same thing. I consider a trim to be just that, more specifically to me a trim is less than an inch of hair. I consider a cut to be more than an inch. Tip for all of my natural girls: If it has been more than six months, especially if it has been years since you have had your last trim, please do not expect to go to a hairstylist and get one fourth of an inch cut. This may seem like common sense to some but to others they really think they can go years without a trim and when us hairstylists cut all the dead ends off we get labeled as scissor happy.

a baby trim was just not enough this time

Yes the split ends make your hair look longer! But do not be fooled, that is all that they do for you because they definitely do not make the hair healthier. In fact, when you continue to procrastinate on getting your ends trimmed, all they do is continue to split up the hair shaft. As a result your ends look very frayed and wiry. They do not even match the rest of your hair. For this client, I initially gave her a "trim" but it had been so long since she had one that it simply was not enough. I showed her what it looked like to have a trim then explained to her that she still needed more cut. She was not opposed to me cutting and had already been thinking about doing a bob so she used this opportunity to just go for it.

you can see the split ends clearly when hair is straight

Look at what a difference a trim made!
I did not even put anymore heat in her hair either. Getting all of the split ends off made her hair look instantly healthier from the root to the ends. To maintain this healthy look she will get her ends trimmed every three months instead of waiting years.

Her hair now actually moves freely, it shakes, and has lots of body. And remember, I did not put any more heat in it from before I did the initial trim. Cutting the rest of the dead ends off made the hair fall into place.

Even this client noticed a big difference. She likes the look of healthy hair much better.

Products used: (client is natural and got a silk press)



  1. What is your youtube name? Are you on instagram as well? I suffer from dryness at time. I live in jamaica though. I am trying to stretch for 16 weeks this time around. I normally go for 12 weeks? How do you style your hair during such a long stretch? Do you wrap your hair using a comb or just using your fingers to wrap it around. I was reading through a few of your blog posts

    1. Hello! My YouTube channel is ToyaJTV, Instagram name is @stylisttoyaj. I will be start shipping internationally very soon and Jamaica is on the list! Be sure to check out the "how to stretch your relaxer" series on the blog to help you in your stretch

  2. Do you use braid outs and twist outs on your relaxed hair

  3. Love your blog! I'm such a huge fan.


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