Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One Thing That Will Always Help Your Hair Grow

one thing that will always help your hair grow

Recently I did a hair challenge that required me to limit my amount of heat usage on my hair to prove that reducing the amount of heat on the hair can help it to grow. I have always encouraged the use of heat on the hair to be limited to once per week or less but I decided to actually explore the "or less" part of that statement a little further. So, what I decided to do was push my shampoos back from once per week to once every three weeks. Remember this was only an experiment to see if I would notice any difference in the amount of growth in my hair. In normal life I like to shampoo my hair weekly. The reason I chose to not shampoo my hair is because I know I like to wear my hair straight. If I were to continue shampooing it weekly I would have to set my hair on rollers, rods, or to a twist set and I did not want any of those styles. The only way to straighten
my hair would have been to put heat on it. I could have wrapped my freshly shampooed hair but with the amount of new growth I have it would not have come out as straight as I would like.

Please note that the picture above is not my hair, but this client's hair is a great representation of how much new growth I actually have. I only get my relaxers every six months or twice per year so this much new growth can be expected. I did not measure my new growth before or after this experiment because I thought I would be able to just tell if I saw more growth. Wrong! I definitely think my hair grew during this challenge but I am not sure of how much and if it was more than it would have grown had I not did the challenge to begin with. I do conclude and still stick by my statement of the less heat you use on your hair the better. Check out the video of before I flat ironed my hair on the third week and after. This was the third time I did this which is why its called cycle 3.

In conclusion we now know for a fact that one thing that will always help your hair grow is reducing not only the amount of heat you put on it, but also the actual temperature of the heat that you use. It is pointless to limit your heat usage to once per month but when you do use it you have the flat iron cranked up to the max of 450 degrees and burn the hair. But, a combination of both will have you well on your way to having healthy, relaxed, and long hair!

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