Saturday, January 9, 2016

How To Get The Look Of A Roller Set Without Sitting Under The Dryer

If you are like many women, especially if you have relaxed hair, you have had your fair share of sitting under the hair dryer. I in particular never cared for the dryer because I had so much thick hair that one round (which equals one hour) never got my hair fully dry. Most of my clients do not like sitting under the dryer so I have to try to find ways, if possible, to either decrease or eliminate their dryer time. When you think of roller set you can't help but think of the hair dryer as well. The client featured in this post is like many women because she loves to have her hair set but absolutely hates sitting under the dryer. So at her hair appointment I decided to
do something different in order to give her the results she was looking for.

Instead of setting her hair on rollers, I simply curled her hair with the flat iron (a curling iron can also be used) and pinned each curl. To pin the curl, you curl the hair, then roll it on your finger (pretend like your finger is the roller) and use a hair clip to pin it. This holds the heat in place and once cooled  it actually sets your hair as if you would have rolled it. Also it does not take long for the curls to cool. Normally by the time I curl the last piece of hair, the first piece that I curled has cooled so I take the pins out in the order that they were curled.

I still put the client under the dryer, however the dry time is nothing close to the time she would have to sit if I actually set it on rollers. I sit her under the dryer long enough for her roots and most of her other hair to dry, which is about fifteen minutes. I then blow dry the rest, curl, and pin. Once I take the pins out I style it with my fingers until I get the desired results. Take a look at the finished product.

To maintain her curls she can roll it at night or wrap it. If she rolls it, the hair will stay curled pretty tightly. If she chooses to wrap her hair the curls will loosen up and the hair will just have lots of body and movement.

**The client's hair was prepped with Silk Hydration by L. Jones products (clarifying shampoo, replenishing conditioner) and finished with Miracle Potion no9.

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