Thursday, October 15, 2015

How To Cut Your Hair But Still Keep It Long

How to cut your hair and still keep it long

I have quite a few clients that have long hair and want a change.  They feel like their long hair is boring and they want to cut it but they still want to keep it long.  You do not have to cut all of the length of your hair off when going for a change, especially if your hair is significantly long.  This client has had long hair for her entire life and decided that this appointment would be the one where she would cut her hair.  When she said cut, I did not think she would really do it.  I thought that what she really wanted was a trim but she quickly corrected me!  She brought pictures and showed me that she wanted a bob, but a longer version.

Client's natural hair before cutting

This client is natural so the picture above is her wet air in its natural state.  I shampooed her hair using Silk Hydration by L. Jones Clarifying Shampoo to remove all of its oil , dirt, and residue off of the hair.  Next, I used the Silk Hydration Extreme Moisture shampoo, which adds the moisture back in.  After that I used the Replenishing conditioner and rinsed that out before I added the leave-in conditioner.  Then I began the blow-drying process.

hair after being shampooed and blown dry.

Once the hair was completely dry I went ahead and cut it.  Her ends already in desperate need of a trim but since she was getting more than a trim I knew all of the split ends would be cut off.

slightly angled long bob

While cutting I also added layers in there as well (per her request of course).

side view, long bob

Instead of getting it straight, she wanted a few curls, so curls is what she got! I think she looks great with her hair curled.

view from the other side

To maintain this look, she needs to either wrap it or she can also put some rollers in it to keep the curls longer;

back view, she cut her hair but it still has length on it


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